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Keeping animals is a form of hobby and love that should not be done lightly, bearing in mind that animals are living beings that also have their own instincts and habits. In the process of keeping and caring for pets such as dogs, of course there are various ways and steps that need to be properly and correctly considered, one of which is how to make a dog feel at home in a cage in the explanation described in the review below. (Also read: how to train a dog to sleep in a cage)

  • Assemble a comfortable cage

The first step in the process of how to make a dog feel at home in a crate is to create and prepare a comfortable crate for the dog. Of course, a comfortable cage should be of sufficient size and not too small and its cleanliness should always be maintained and there is not much risk of disturbances arising in the cage. The selection of the cage must be considered and adapted to the type of dog you have. Things to consider when setting up a comfortable dog crate include:

  1. kennel positionThe placement of the dog crate should be in a comfortable place free from nuisances such as noise and air pollution, with a pleasant room temperature for dogs as well.
  2. Choosing the right type of cage, there are many kinds of types of cages ranging from plastic, iron wire, to wood that can be selected according to the needs of the dog. (Also read: how to take care of a sheepdog)
  3. Separation between dogs., buying more than one cage or one that can be separated is a success so that when you have puppies you have to separate puppies and parents. (Also read: how to make a dog less aggressive)
  • dog exercises

The next step, which is also a way to make the dog feel at home in the crate, is to train the dog to recognize and know the crate and understand the order to stay in the crate. The way to train a dog to want to be in a crate is to give commands and get the dog used to being in the crate at certain times on a regular and repeated basis so that it becomes a habit for the dog. (Also read: how to treat a dog so that it does not smell)

  • Provide encouragement so that the dog feels at home in the crate.

The way to make the dog feel at home in the last crate is to provide an encouragement for the dog to want to stay in the crate. Dog owners can provide various forms of encouragement for the dog to stay in the crate for as long as needed and desired, especially when the dog is sleeping. Some forms of encouragement that can be given to dogs to stay home in the crate include giving food or treats in the crate, giving dogs treats when they want to be in the crate, and giving them toys in the crate. (Also read: how to have a dog in an apartment)

Those are some of the efforts included in how to make a dog feel at home in a crate that all dog owners should pay attention to and understand. The methods mentioned above are very important to understand and practice, especially for those who are still very beginners in dog breeding and do not have enough experience. Dogs that easily make themselves at home in the crate will be very easy to handle.

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