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chick cage

Chickens are one of the most common types of livestock, even every day and in almost every town. These two-legged animals are included in poultry, even almost every day they are found as a dish for consumption. Some of the chickens themselves are dedicated to being used as domestic livestock and others are businesses, that is, for sale. For the types of chicken sold, namely broilers and layers. Raising chickens is a complicated thing, if not done correctly, it is easy to get infected with diseases and die. If you have this, you need to find ways to minimize chicken deaths.

As for the type of broiler, usually the color of the feathers is identical to white or commonly known as vegetable chicken. Although laying hens usually have a slightly brownish color to their feathers, it is not as easy as you imagine because of the way they are raised. Previously, it has been shared about how to choose laying hens so that the results you reap are of high quality.

For those of you who have chickens at home or on chicken farms, you have surely seen that the mother lays eggs. Well, these eggs will then produce many new chicks because they hatch. So your task is to provide a suitable place for the mother to incubate her eggs perfectly.

There are not a few cases that occur, the mother eats her own eggs or because the eggs already have a history of not being able to hatch. But if the eggs hatched successfully, make a cage for the newly hatched chicks. You can see how to make a new hatching chicken coop on this page.

Speaking of chicken farming, is it possible without using a cage? Although many are now raising cattle, they continue to use cages as an alternative to maintenance. Well, for that you may need to hear how to raise cage free laying hens.

use old bamboo

For most people in the manufacture of chicken coops, the main material used is bamboo. In addition to being cheap, bamboo is also an abundant and easy-to-find medium. Almost all chicken coops are made of bamboo, and sometimes there are those who make their own even if they buy it, so it is no less. For the method itself, that is, by using bamboo, but choose an old type. Why? Because old bamboo is not easy to break, it is durable to use for chick cages.

wear new nails

When making a chicken coop, use quality support materials or components like nails. It is a new type of nail, because the nails are already rusty, the cage will be easily damaged quickly.

fit size

Since the chicks are still very small, there is no need to make a large cage. Choose a cage with a size of 60 x 60 cm. Why? Because for the size of 30 x 30 cm it is suitable to use but when the mother wants to accompany her it will be quite tight. You can at least make a comfortable cage for the mother too, even if she doesn’t occupy it constantly.

Give a Light Base

Do not forget to provide a base for the cage, that is, choose cardboard as the correct option. Because with cardboard, the droppings of the chicks, which are usually wet, will dry quickly. Maybe you can provide another base, like a cloth, as long as you can keep it clean.

Provide a Place or Container to Eat and Drink

One thing that is definitely not less important is providing a container for the chicks to eat and drink. Usually not too big, as long as there is enough voer and water to keep the chicks from being dependent on when to feed them. With a container, you can easily put food and drink without having to hand it to them too often.

give incandescent lamp

Incandescent lamps are used to warm the chicks, considering that they are still small and therefore prone to freezing to death. You can prevent this with the incandescent lamp, as well as lighting and a heater. No high wattage is necessary, as long as each cage has a yellow incandescent lamp.

Give Coverage

Make the cage do not forget the lid, nor the roof of the cage. This is very necessary when you want to put the cage outside and leave it, sometimes the sun comes in from all directions you don’t know. So the goal is to protect yourself from the heat of the sun and the rain.

Even if the cage has a roof, don’t be remiss and let the coop overheat unless you intend to dry it out. While the right time to dry it is in the morning from 8 to 9 and it only takes 15 to 20 minutes.

In raising chickens, not only is their treatment good, but here nutrition is very important. For example, giving the best feed, as well as the benefits of noni pulp for laying hens, which you can try to give to the chicks later on. As for the cage, it really doesn’t always have to be bamboo. The advantages of a wooden pet bird cage may be an alternative option for a chick cage that you can try.

Those are the seven ways to make a cage for newborn chicks that you can try to apply to farm animals in preparation for the eggs that are now incubated by the mother. I hope it is useful!

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