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As owners of furry kittens (anabuls), especially cats, we sometimes feel anxious when the anabul looks at us expectantly when we eat. He wants to give but he is also afraid of whether you can give human food to cats or not. The answer is yes. Let’s try to discuss from the simplest, namely eggs. Here for more details.

Ingredients in Eggs

Eggs are distinguished based on the yolk and the egg white. Where egg yolks have a higher nutritional content and variety compared to egg whites.

It’s no secret that eggs contain Omega-3, which is good for cats. Furthermore, egg yolks also contain various substances such as protein, fatty acids, vitamins B16 and B6, vitamin D, zinc, minerals, and various other good ingredients.

Eggs can be given to cats because cats are naturally carnivorous animals, therefore the consumption of animal protein derived from eggs is considered safe for cats. However, as a cat owner, it is imperative to ensure that the eggs given to your cat are of good quality and fit for consumption.

Benefits of eggs for cats

Providing a variety of foods is very good for cats because it plays a role in nutritional adequacy and prevents cats from feeling bored and affects their appetite. Giving eggs to cats provides several benefits such as the following:

  • Gives additional resistance.
  • Helps increase the cat’s appetite.
  • Helps keep cats’ hair, teeth and bones healthy.
  • It can increase resistance.
  • It is best given to cats when they are recovering from illness.

How to make cat food with eggs

There are many ways to give your cat eggs. Here are some ways that can be an inspiration to make cats want to eat eggs and get nutrition from eggs:

Give Raw Eggs

The first way is to give raw eggs. However, only egg yolks are given. This is because egg whites are devoid of nutrients and only contain calories, so feeding egg whites only adds calories and makes your cat more likely to become overweight without getting the benefits as good as egg yolks.

Separate the yolks and whites, then place the yolks in the cat’s bowl and simply discard.

Egg yolk mixed with wet food

Some cats may not like eating raw egg yolks alone. The cat may be less attracted to the scent, which may smell fishy.

So to avoid this, mix egg yolks with wet food or wet food the cat’s favourite. Take the egg yolk and then mix evenly in the wet food with the proper proportion and then give it to the cat.

Mixed with fish oil

Fish oil is not only good for humans but also for cats. The content contained in fish oil is very good for maintaining the health of the cat’s internal organs such as heart health, kidney health, preventing rheumatic diseases and can help eliminate dry skin that cats experience.

Giving egg yolks mixed with fish oil will provide double the benefits for cats. Mix the egg yolk with a few drops of fish oil and give it to your beloved anabul.

mixed with honey

Honey is a natural ingredient that contains a million health benefits. Honey can also be mixed with egg yolks to provide maximum benefits.

But, of course, the honey given must be of good quality. Giving honey to cats can provide benefits such as increasing the cat’s appetite, helping to heal cats that have digestive problems such as diarrhea, and can help improve and maintain the cat’s immune system.

Half cooked

If the cat is reluctant to eat raw eggs, it is also worth trying to process the eggs by boiling them. Boil the eggs for 2-3 minutes so that the eggs are half cooked. This is so that when you give it to the cat, the eggs are not too hard or chewy.

It should also be noted that when giving it to the cat, do not add spices and flavorings to the eggs.

Mixed with VCO

VCO or virgin coconut oil It is also one of the purest oils that contains many benefits. The benefits of this VCO can even be felt by humans.

VCO given to cats can help maintain a healthy coat from the inside out. Also, applying this oil directly to the cat can kill the fungus that is usually present on the cat’s body.

Mixing egg yolks with VCO will bring benefits from the inside for the cat’s body.

Mixed Tempe Egg

In addition to raw, eggs can also be given to cats as additional ingredients to make wet food at home.

one of those who do wet food what is good for cats is to mix tempeh and the meat of your choice. Steamed tempeh, chicken meat, or fish that is then shredded. Ingredients that are already soft can be mixed with the eggs.

It can be boiled again to cook the eggs if you don’t want to use them all at once, or you can give them directly to the cat.

Things to keep in mind

Giving eggs to cats is actually a good thing considering the great nutritional content of eggs. But when giving it raw, it is recommended to always check the quality of the eggs based on the shape, texture and smell of the eggs.

Feeding free-range chicken eggs is recommended, but you can actually feed regular chicken eggs or duck eggs.

And it is also necessary to pay attention to provide these preparations in a time frame, as needed and not continuously. This is to prevent the cat from becoming bored or not absorbing nutrients that are less than optimal if the food being fed is continually overcrowded.

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