Loneliness in the pet

Dogs, like people, can feel lonely if they spend some time without company. It is a frequent problem that sometimes happens due to the busy modern life that many of us currently lead.

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Of course, our dog will not be very happy having to spend constant hours of the day in complete solitude, a situation that will cause him a state of sadness since he cannot share moments with us. But don’t worry, we can solve this in a very easy and creative way and today in our Terraviva Blog we are going to give you a few ideas.

Apart from this, we must always pay attention to the signs that our puppy shows, to reflect on their mental health since they will need your greatest attention.

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Tips and Ideas to be able to leave your dog alone

  • A very common and useful technique is to entertain him with a toy or two, which is fantastic! We must not think that this is a final solution because he will get bored, so we must vary the toy. This is a good option for special dates when you are going to be away from home more than necessary.
  • The game of snacks is a very fun idea: you can hide some snacks and prizes around the house so that he is entertained looking and quenches his anxiety. In addition to feeding him before you leave is also a way to make him feel satisfied.
  • An intense walk before going out will love it, especially if you exercise and play with the ball or toy along the way. Performing these activities will drain your energy.
  • If you are not convinced by the idea of ​​leaving him alone, perhaps it is time to think about another pet. Your dog will have someone to play and socialize with, it will also reassure him and he will feel more comfortable.

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What not to do when leaving him alone

  • Don’t lock him in a room; being alone and without freedom is very detrimental to him. In addition, he will understand it as a punishment and we prevent him from feeling bad.
  • Don’t pamper him excessively; It will make him generate a feeling of extreme dependence on you and when you separate from him it will be a serious problem. Teach him to be independent and that he can live without you during your absence.
  • Do not add drama to your relationship; Just because you’re part of the family doesn’t mean you should be surrounded by an aura of excess. The best way to treat him is in an affectionate way without being distant and with generosity, but never overwhelm him or flood him with cuddles.

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How to prevent my dog ​​from feeling lonely

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