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Are you a cat lover and have had a cat at home, but often get excited when you see a cute abandoned cat on the street? He wanted to take it home, but he was afraid that the house cat would be angry and cranky. This article can help you anticipate a cat that is fierce with other cats.

In addition to dogs, cats are also furry, four-legged animals that are very popular with humans in various parts of the world. Cats have a friendly character and an adorable appearance, which is why many people want to keep them and make them their favorite friends at home.

In Indonesia itself, many cat lovers have local cats and even cat breeds that are fantastic value. Coarse-haired cats that are quite popular in Indonesia, such as the Angora, Persian, British Shorthair, and hairless cats, cost tens of millions like the Sphynx. Of course, the care of these cats is different depending on their breed and character.

Although cats are known to be friendly and playful, they are actually sensitive, fierce and quite aggressive animals. This will happen especially if there are newcomers who are upset and feel threatened. Here’s how to stop your cat from being fierce with other cats:

Let the cats smell each other

Sniffing is a cat’s primary way of exploring and recognizing its surroundings, both inanimate objects and other creatures. So that the cats can get to know each other, place them in two separate places separated by a door with a gap. Through this gap, the cats can sniff each other without the owner worrying that the cats will hurt each other.

Give cat-scented things

Cats often have a favorite toy, blanket, or towel to use. Try giving the new cat something the old cat used to use or vice versa. This can help the cat recognize the scent of other cats that their owners also have.

let the cat watch

When bringing a new cat into an existing home, allow the new cat to observe the surroundings and other animals in the house. One of the easiest things to do is put the new cat in the old cat crate. This helps the new cat to recognize the scent of the cat that will be his friend.

Pay attention to body language

Cats often display distinctive body language when angry, such as tail blooming, pupils dilated, and back hair standing on end. Through the cat’s body language, the owner can tell if the cat is still upset or calm enough.

Allow cats to approach slowly and move away immediately when cats show signs of hissing.

give each other

Cats that are in the getting to know each other stage, it’s a good idea if their eating and drinking places, their beds, and their toilets are separate. This will distance the sense of competition and want to win over each other. Also, make sure that the food and quality of items given to the cat are the same so that jealousy does not occur.

give distance

When eating activities, it’s a good idea to keep the cat’s feeding places away from each other. To reduce alertness and competition, cats should not be fed face to face and preferably in opposite directions.

Create a playground

Kittens are playful and very active animals. Making several playgrounds will make the cat meet other cats faster.

One of them can make a perch that is quite close but also has a distance. This is so the cats can keep an eye on each other and maintain a sense of security.

In addition, you can also make a playground as a cardboard tunnel. With a game in the form of a tunnel, the cats will be more active moving and looking for each other, so it will be more effective to get to know each other.

Use water spray to dissolve

If things get out of control and the cat shows signs of fighting, use a water spray to disperse it. Don’t yell, hit, or throw things. This will make the cat more stressed and more aggressive.

Also avoid directly touching the body of the cat that is showing signs of fighting because the cat may unknowingly hurt the cat. So the best thing you can use is a water spray.

GiveTreatment In rotation

Cats are mostly pampered animals and love to be paid attention to. So pay attention or treatment the same for old and new cats will help them get closer because they feel indiscriminate. If the owner brushes the new cat’s hair, do the same with the old cat so that the old cat doesn’t feel jealous and doesn’t hate the new cat.

Use the broth trick

One of the hobbies that cats do on a daily basis is combing their fur with their rough-textured tongue. Try applying a fish-scented broth or a cat’s favorite food to their fur and new fur.

His attention will be diverted to combing and licking off the broth on his fur, so his aggressive attitude will begin to diminish. Applying the broth to the new cat’s fur can also help distract the old cat from licking the broth off the new cat’s fur. In this way, the recognition stage will occur naturally.

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