How to take care of the turtle shell?

Turtles are wild animals, but if you are going to have a tortoise in a domestic environment, it must be cared for as closely as possible to its natural habitat and if it can be in a garden or some other outdoor area better.

Water turtles are very common reptiles, but they need a lot of care to keep them healthy, especially for their shell.

In terraviva we explain what to do to keep them healthy.

land turtle

– Sunlight: they need a lot of sunlight for the conservation of the shell, therefore their habitat must be in direct contact with sunlight.

-Food is very important to take care of your turtle’s shell. Most turtles are vegetarian and their diet should be varied, herbs, fruit, vegetables, flowers, etc. It is recommended that the food be chopped a lot, be at room temperature and be portioned several times a day since its metabolism is quite slow.

Complement the diet with foods rich in calcium and phosphorus such as spinach, chard, carrots, lettuce, melon, apple, etc. If this is not enough, give him a calcium supplement but always under the prescription of a veterinarian.

-Cleaning the shell: With a brush and water we will carefully scratch the shell to remove the dirtiest areas. (Do not use other products, just brush and water).

-The environment must be free and dry.

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water turtles

-They need natural light is an essential requirement, if we do not have natural light, you can buy a lamp that resembles natural light.

-Food, water turtles are omnivores, that is, they can eat anything. It is important to give him a variety of foods.

-Cleanliness: The cleanliness of the water is essential so that your turtle does not catch microorganisms. Then you also have to clean the shell by filling a container with warm water and with a toothbrush clean the dirt that it has on its shell. (Do not use products to clean the shell, just warm water and a brush).

-The water temperature should be kept between 24 and 30 degrees

-Water turtles should leave their aquarium from time to time, you have to let them loose so they can walk.

The most important thing in both cases is if you are not sure what is happening and you notice strange things in the shell, it is best to take it to your trusted veterinarian so that they can tell you what is happening and what solution we can give you.

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How to take care of the shell of your terrestrial or water turtle?

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