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Poultry raising is one of the hobbies that is currently in great demand in the community. There are several types of birds that are popular to care for, from lovebirds to even starlings. One of the bird’s abilities that makes them so well cared for is that the sound or chirps they produce are quite melodious and interesting. Every owner of a songbird will surely go to great lengths to prevent bad sounds from experiencing discomfort such as hoarseness. The sound of the fiber will affect the birdsong so it must be overcome. Here are some ways to treat hoarseness in birds in the explanation below.

  1. Understanding the causes of hoarseness in birds

The first thing that must be taken into account to overcome the hoarseness that appears in favorite birds is to know and understand the causes of the appearance of the disorder. Hoarseness in birds is caused by throat mucus or inflammation that can block sound. Inflammation in birds can be caused by many things, from poor diet, poor feed quality and birds that are tired and forced to make too many sounds. (Also read: how to treat a bird with a lost voice)

  1. Avoid some things that can aggravate hoarseness

When birds experience hoarseness, the next step or way to treat hoarseness in birds is to avoid any cause that could aggravate the condition. Some things to avoid include stopping feeding the birds because poor quality feed can cause fiber, switching to a higher quality type of feed, and giving the birds a lot of rest so they are quiet for a while until the condition snores. can be resolved. overcome. (Also read: how to treat the flu in pigeons)

  1. Overcome inflammation in birds.

The next step bird owners should take to overcome hoarseness caused by inflammation is to treat inflammatory conditions in birds. Inflammation in birds can be overcome by using a cooling solution that is widely sold in pharmacies. Give water to the refreshing solution as a substitute for the birds drinking water and you should choose one that is tasteless so that the birds still want to drink it. (Also read: additional food for sparrows)

  1. Remove mucus in the throat

Mucus in the throat is one of the main causes of hoarseness in birds. As part of dealing with hoarseness, removing the mucus will help speed the return of the bird’s voice. Mucus can be removed in a number of ways, including the following:

  • Gurah, is a traditional method used to clear mucus from the throat and eyes. Bird gurah can be made using lenteng agung leaves to make the process easier. (Also read: side effects of metabolic drugs for birds)
  • traditional herbs, The next way that can be done to remove mucus in the bird’s throat is to use traditional ingredients. Some of the ingredients that can be used are boiled betel leaf water, ginger ingredients, etc.
  1. Provide nutritious food or vitamins.

Hoarseness in birds can actually be cured when the bird has a good immune system. Giving birds vitamins and highly nutritious foods can help boost the body’s defense system so that it can naturally overcome hoarseness in birds. (Also read: how to care for green cuckoo birds in the rainy season)

Those are some ways to treat fiber sound in birds that all bird owners should pay close attention to because the condition of the fiber can certainly disturb the song of the birds.

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