Heat in cats is a completely normal process for the reproduction of these animals. However, more and more people want to learn how to calm the heat in cats, since they tend to get quite active during that period and not all people know how to deal with it.
What is heat in cats?

How way to calm a cat in heat?
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Heat in cats is, in essence, the sexual cycle of a cat that is in her fertile moment. During this period, the cats let the males approach her in order to reproduce.

When cats are in heat they have a significant change in their body due to hormones. At such times, the only goal the cat has in mind is to find a male to reproduce with.

Due to all the changes in behavior that cats have in heat, there are many people who do not know what to do in these situations, especially those who share their day-to-day and home with these felines.

In the event that you have a cat at home, it is recommended that, when you are in this sexually active stage, be patient and try to remain calm, because although it may not seem like it, it is a fairly intense process for them and usually generates a lot of stress.

How do I know if my cat is in heat?

It is very easy to recognize when a cat is in this period since her signs or symptoms are quite particular and do not go unnoticed. Let’s find out what they are:
She will ask for much more attention and will want you to pet her more than usual. This is because during that time, cats are very sensitive and tend to show more of the affection they may feel for you or for other members of the family. During heat, cats tend to have a lot of anxiety, so that will be much more restless. You will notice that, even if you try to do everything to distract her, it will not be easy.

Unlike female dogs, it is not very common to see cats bleed during heat or their vulva to swell. However, there have been cases in which a cat in heat can secrete vaginal mucosa, although it is not very common. If you notice something, consult with the veterinarian to find out if it is due to heat or if it derives from another pathology.

When you observe a cat in heat, you will notice that she sometimes takes a slightly different posture. The front part of her body is tilted while her back is raised with her tail to the side, leaving her genitals visible. The cat’s meows will begin to be much more constant, strong and excessive, sometimes causing auditory discomfort, because they will be very similar to shouting. She does this to let the males know that she is looking for a mating partner. Female cats in heat usually drop to the ground and begin to roll over on their own bodies.

In the event that the cat lives in a place where she usually cannot go outside, she will try to run away from home in order to meet a male. Many cats even try to persuade their owners to let her out, as their instinct tells them that only by being outside will they be able to reproduce. You will notice that the cat purrs more constantly than before. She will begin to rub herself using her head and neck, with everything that is in front of her, that is soft or padded. Although it is normal to see that a cat, whether female or male, licks her genitals as a grooming routine, when the cat is in heat she does it more constantly. So it is also a signal that we can detect if we know the normal routine of our feline. She usually sprays her urine in various places in the house, she will not do it normally (sitting) but she will do it by raising her tail, similar to what males do to mark territory.

What can I do to calm my cat’s heat? It is ideal that as an owner, you are much more affectionate with your cat during those times, especially if she herself demands your attention and pampering. One way to do this is by lovingly petting her, combing her fur more steadily, and giving her attention when she begins to meow or purr. There are cats that seem to calm down when they are warm on a blanket or near a heat generator. So it would be good if you tried it. Do not let your feline have any type of contact (physical or visual) with the males that reside in the area, in this way you can prevent her from starting an escape attempt and getting even more desperate to go out
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There is an herb known as “catnip” which is said to calm cats. In the case of cats in heat, some have an effect while others rather make them more anxious. You will only know what will happen to your feline once.

They can consume these herbs and fruits 2 or 3 times a week.

The remaining 5% must be made up of special feed for them. Ideally, they should not be fed those feeds that are made from cereals or seeds with varied shapes and flavors. Most likely, the bunnies will select the ones they like the most, either because of the taste, shape or color, and these are usually the ones with the most carbohydrates, something that is not beneficial for them.

They should always have water within their reach. Generally, rabbits prefer pacifier type drinkers, but you can use any other.
Now that we have answered whether a rabbit can eat carrots, it will be much easier for you to take care of your pet.

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