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The number of bird lovers that have now become a new lifestyle in various layers of society. One type of bird that has many enthusiasts to keep is the lovebird. The high interest in making lovebirds began to be widely bred through various existing forms. Lovebirds reproduce by laying eggs, so in order to have many offspring there must be stimulation for the parent birds to lay eggs quickly, one of which is by paying attention and using certain types of food. Here are some foods for lovebirds to lay eggs quickly and can help increase the results of the bird’s breeding process in the explanation below.

  1. bean sprouts

Bean sprouts are a type of food or feed for lovebirds to lay eggs quickly. These bean sprouts can trigger hormones in the body of the female lovebird that are responsible for increasing lust and increasing egg laying success. The supply of bean sprouts should be considered to always prioritize the cleaning of the used bean sprouts. Changing the food menu for lovebirds is indeed one way that can help speed up the egg laying of lovebirds. (Also read: tips for buying lovebirds for beginners)

  1. kale

Another type of vegetable that is also suitable to use as food for lovebirds so that they can lay eggs faster is kale. Like bean sprouts, kale is also a type of vegetable that contains several types of compounds or nutrients that can trigger active hormones in the body of the lovebirds that work to increase the success of the bird’s egg-laying process . (Also read: tips for preparing lovebirds for contests)

  1. kwaci seeds

If you see how to take good care of lovebirds by very experienced bird owners, giving them kwaci seeds is one of the additional food for lovebirds that can help them lay eggs quickly. The high protein content in kwaci seeds can improve the reproductive health of lovebirds. Kwaci seeds are also good for female lovebirds that have laid eggs. (Also read: how to care for lovebirds)

  1. cuttlefish bone

In addition to vegetables and kwaci seeds, cuttlefish bones can also be used to help increase the egg-laying success of lovebirds. The high calcium content in cuttlefish bones is very necessary because calcium is needed in high enough amounts for the process of encasing the egg (ovum). (Also read: How to deal with lovebird mentality)

  1. Ebood Breeding Supplements

In addition to natural food, another type of feed that can be given to lovebirds so that they can lay eggs quickly is an ebood breeding supplement. This ebood breeding supplement is believed to increase the lust of lovebirds and improve the quality of eggs produced so that the ratio of eggs in lovebirds is higher than before. (Also read: how to have a lovebird at home)

  1. walnut seeds

Other seeds that can also be given to get the benefits of making lovebirds lay eggs quickly besides kwaci seeds are walnut seeds. Walnuts as a high protein source can help improve egg quality and of course have a great influence on magpies in producing a large number of eggs.

Those are some examples of types of food for lovebirds to lay eggs quickly that you can notice and try to give to lovebirds in the process of raising these birds. The foods mentioned above act as additional food that is routinely given to lovebirds.

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