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Knowing the union of the egg, from the understanding, the causes and how to overcome

Every day you certainly do not run away from various types of pets or livestock. Just talk about farm animals, whether they are chickens, cows, goats, buffalo or all kinds of poultry, which of course often experience health problems. Well, if you are one of those people who like to raise cattle or are actually making cattle, you might have run into obstacles.

A risk can simply appear, and of the various cases that occur, one that breeders often encounter is egg bonding. You’ve heard?

Because not everyone uses the same term, here we will describe articles on how to know Egg Binding, ranging from understanding, causes to solutions to overcome them. Well, for egg binding, maybe people call it sticky eggs more accurately. When it comes to eggs, the animal that is most likely to experience this type of problem is a chicken, or it could be a bird. (Also read: How to keep canary colors good)

Get to know the union of eggs

#Understanding egg binding

Egg binding or as mentioned is sticky eggs or call it a problem that often occurs in female birds with small sizes. So although chickens also produce eggs, egg bonding is more prevalent and synonymous with birds. There are many types of birds, such as canaries, lovebirds, and budgerigars, which are some examples of birds and often experience egg binding.

Eggs that get tangled or stick together can be a serious problem and the bird is in serious trouble. This means that if the bird has experienced egg binding, it means special care is needed to handle it. Unfortunately, in some cases that have occurred, the joining of eggs causes the bird to eventually die even though special care has been given. (Also read: How to care for newly hatched walnuts)

There are many definitions of egg binding itself, which can also be referred to as a condition where the egg is unable to exit the female’s reproductive tract, either because it is sticky/glued to the oviduct or because it is pinched in the oviduct. reproductive system. tract. So the birds will experience pain because the eggs don’t want to leave the cloaca which is the final estuary of the bird’s reproductive tract.

#Cause of egg binding

As for the cause of the egg binding, not many people know until now. For that, you should know from now on that the fixation of eggs is caused by an infection, trauma to the reproductive system, inadequate bird nests, excessively large eggs, obesity or overweight, even other problems such as poor nutrition.

Also, birds with unbalanced feed intake or inadequate calcium intake can be very prone to egg sticking. Therefore, not only too hard eggs as the cause, because even soft eggs can also be the cause of egg stickiness or binding. Some birds often experience this problem, and some other environmental factors, such as hypothermia, can also be a cause. (Also read: Types of Diseases in Broilers)

For those of you who don’t understand what hypothermia is, it is a condition in which the body’s mechanism for regulating temperature has difficulty overcoming the pressure of low temperatures. Whereas in humans, hypothermia can be defined as a core body temperature below 35°C.

#Symptoms of egg binding

To tell if your pet bird is experiencing egg binding, there are several types of symptoms that can be known or will be seen. Birds experiencing egg-binding conditions, will then show depression, shortness of breath, tension, bloating, only a small amount of feces, their wings are often fluttered, and their appetite begins to decrease. In more severe cases, birds suffering from egg binding may experience symptoms such as paralysis or even fractures. (Also Read: How To Make Turtle Cattle To Lay Eggs Fast)

#How to overcome egg bonding

Seeing birds experiencing egg binding, of course you want to find a solution or a way to overcome it. You can see it in the following steps:

  • The bird is held, and then 2 ml of cooking oil is slowly inserted into the bird’s cloaca.
  • The steps to enter cooking oil are using a syringe (spet) without a needle. These syringes can be purchased at the nearest chemical store or pharmacy at affordable prices.
  • In the meantime, let the cooking oil start to react in the reproductive tract of the egg, because it will definitely hit the stuck egg and lubricate the part of the egg attached to the oviduct.
  • To speed up the reaction of the cooking oil that has lubricated, the bird is immediately dried in a warm place for 30 minutes. If the weather is cloudy or rainy, or because you really don’t want to dry it, you can put the bird in a cage with a 60 Watt bulb, also for 30 minutes.

That is a discussion to learn more about Egg Binding, starting with its understanding, causes, and ways to overcome it. I hope it is useful.

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