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On today’s blog, we will discuss the basic care of lovebirds so that the mistakes we usually do not occur.

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One of the most common mistakes is having a cage in the kitchen. Birds should not be in a place with smoke, smoke and heat.

We have to find a place for them without wind, with natural light and serenity. If you don’t have natural light at home, you should think about exposing it in no time ultraviolet light. There is a special lamp for this.

How should the cage be?

Lovebirds are psittacines, they climb with the help of their beaks to climb, so crossbars they can’t be vertical.

The cage should be spacious and enriched with toys, swings, mirrors, horizontal bars and provide a small space to place a bowl of water for cleaning (it should always be clean).

We will introduce perches at different heights. You also need to be careful with chrome bars as they can cause poisoning.

cage maintenance

Cage must clean every day to prevent respiratory and intestinal diseases.


Lovebird food can vary, they can eat grains, feed and sometimes we can offer them fruits and vegetables. Honey sticks can be a great addition to your diet (but we shouldn’t abuse them).


Avocado and chocolate really prohibited to give to lovebirds because they are poisonous for them.

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Lovebird Care and Characteristics

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