What is separation anxiety in dogs?

Separation anxiety in dogs is a stressful state that our pets have in their absence. It happens when you are unable to manage loneliness. In addition, it can cause certain behavior problems.

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  • early weaning
  • House change or abandonment
  • You spend all day with your dog
  • routine change
  • Traumatic episode while alone at home

To prevent our dogs from suffering from separation anxiety, we’ve left you a few tips below.


  • We don’t always have to give in to their calls for attention.
  • Do not seek excessive contact and attention from our pets.
  • We should try to get our pet to enjoy positive moments alone, such as giving him a stuffed toy in another room.
  • Offer entertainment that does not require our presence, such as chewing bones or interactive toys.


  • The first thing we must remember is that we must respect the space and tranquility of our pets at all times.
  • If you’re teleworking at home, you’re better off in a different room.
  • As much as possible we must always maintain the same routine so as not to become disorientated.

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Parting Anxiety in Dogs

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