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Polar bears

You know, what is a bear? Yes, most people see him as a beast with beautiful thick fur. This is true, judging by its physical characteristics, and the bear itself is of another type, namely the polar bear. Well, for this polar bear, many may have heard of its name, but have not been able to distinguish it from ordinary bears. You can learn about the characteristics of polar bears here, which will be featured at various points.

Polar bears or in English are polar bears and have other names such as ice bears, they still have a scientific name, namely maritime, which is a large mammal of the biological family Ursidae. It belongs to the circumpolar species found around the northernmost continent on earth, which includes the arctic continent and includes the most carnivorous bears among other bear families. Polar bears are also sometimes classified as marine mammals, given their strength with cold temperatures and icebergs.

As a physical characteristic, the male polar bear weighs between 400 – 600 kilograms and can sometimes reach more than 800 kg with a height of more than 2.5 meters. Meanwhile, polar bears weigh only half the weight of male bears, weighing between 200 and 300 kg and measuring about 2 meters tall. Polar bears have a very keen sense of smell, they can even smell whale or seal carcasses from a distance of 20 miles. The strong scent ability is also owned by the Kampung Dog, which you can also improve by training the Kampung Dog to be smart.

This animal is listed as a reliable swimmer because it can swim up to 60 miles without stopping. They swim using their front and rear legs as rudders. The sebaceous glands in the skin can well lubricate the coat to make it waterproof and keep the body dry during swimming. By the summer of May to June at the North Pole, the bears will naturally shed their fur to maintain a stable body temperature.

By the type of feeding, polar bears eat fish and seals. It could be said that the polar bear is a patient animal in the hunt, waiting for its prey (seals and fish seem to dive). Said to be wild, the polar bear is like a lion, which is one of the main characters in The Lion King’s list of animals, which can divine even humans and is classified as a carnivore.

So what are the characteristics of the Polar Bear, you can see below.

polar bear characteristics

Thick skin

The first characteristic of a polar bear is that it has thick fur and it is thicker than that of an ordinary bear. Regarding the fur, those of you who are cat caregivers must understand the tips so that the cat’s hair does not fall out, so that it looks nice and pretty.

Big body

His body is very large, fat and very large. Its body is full of meat and it is quite hard, it looks soft but strong. The size itself is more or less larger than the cow, but if you give them the type of feed for fattening cows, it seems that the two will experience the same size.

White skin

His body has a full white fur clean like milk. This color is clearly different from ordinary bears, because polar bears are identical to ice or snow, so their fur is white.

Living with a temperature of 10 degrees Celsius

Another fact about polar bears, another characteristic is that these animals are capable of living in low temperatures, even below 10 degrees Celsius. It is quite rare to find an animal like this, especially the types of betta fish that can be kept or the local flowerhorn fish cannot survive long in temperatures below 0 degrees.

no hibernation

Polar bears do not hibernate in winter, the following characteristics being the ones to know. When winter comes, usually animals like squirrels, grizzly bears, rabbits, etc. they will do a long sleep or better known as hibernation, but not for polar bears. They are just the opposite, that is, they do not hibernate. However, if the cold weather is very extreme, the polar bear will generally choose to seek shelter.

The largest carnivores on Earth

Polar bears are one of the largest carnivorous animals on earth. Even though there are many other carnivorous animals like lions, tigers, hyenas. If you don’t know the difference between a lion and a tiger, maybe you can listen to the following review of the differences between a lion and a tiger. Or maybe you want to know the facts about hyenas.

Small ears, long snout, and short tail

Another characteristic of the polar bear is that it has a physique such as relatively small ears and a circular shape. Also, the snout is quite long but the tail is quite short.


Dimorphism is the sexual trait of a polar bear in its size, that is, where the male is larger.

Strong smell

Like cats, polar bears also have a keen sense of smell. Even for some time, a polar bear can smell a carcass. Even the smell is quite good, up to 1.6 km and to a depth of 0.9 meters.

ancient swimming power

Polar bears can swim in the oceans and/or the poles up to 320 km from the earth at a speed of 40 km/h, quite fast. Dogs can also swim, but they are not as good as polar bears, especially if signs of trauma from a dog in the water have been found, only approaching the water will not dare for sure.

able to stand

Able to stand on hind legs and able to sit upright with steady balance.

Those are eleven points related to the characteristics of polar bears that you should know, hopefully they will be useful to you.

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