Problems with water turtles?

Today in Terraviva we want to talk to you about the water turtles

Specifying a little more we will talk about the more common diseases that they may have and that people are often unaware of.

On countless occasions, what causes these problems has a very simple solution, but we do not know it. Below we give you the details of those diseases that usually affect water turtles:

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  • “My tortoise has the soft shell»:

It happens due to a lack of calcium, a poor/limited diet or little sunlight. You can solve this simply with a calcium supplement, which usually comes in shell-shaped stones. Of course, it is important to always maintain a good diet.

  • “My tortoise has bad eyes» (Eye infections):

It happens to them due to poor water retention or a lack of vitamin A. The best thing to prevent this from happening is to clean their eyes with special drops, keep the water temperature high and follow a balanced diet.

  • “My turtle is not breathing well” (Respiratory problems):

Sudden changes in temperature, air currents and poor nutrition are the most frequent causes of these problems. We can observe symptoms such as: runny nose, bubbles in the nose, mucus and lack of appetite. The ideal thing for the turtle would be to put the water temperature at 28 or 30ºC and let our turtle rest.

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“My turtle has fluff on its shell” (Fungus):

When a turtle has fungus, we can detect it because it grows a little hair that usually covers its shell, as well as bumps or spots. It is usually caused by the existence of bacteria in the aquarium or poor water maintenance. It can also happen because the water temperature is low. A good solution is to dry the skin of the turtle and carefully brush the shell thoroughly.

  • “My turtle has lumps on its neck” (Otitis):

It is very easy to be able to recognize this disease because immediately little bumps appear on the neck. The perfect thing to solve this is to isolate it as soon as possible, provide it with vitamin A and take care of the water so that it is very clean.

  • “My turtle has… Diarrhea/ Constipation”:

If your turtle has constipation, you should know that it may have happened due to a lack of vitamins and fiber. One solution would be to bathe the tortoise in water at 30ºC for approximately 30 minutes to restore its intestinal balance.

On the other hand, if you have diarrhea it may be due to eating too much fruit, parasites or some food in poor condition. It is therefore essential to always have clean water and give the turtle food with fiber in its proper measure.

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Remember earthlings: It is important have a aquarium in perfect conditionas well as take care of the feeding and hygiene of the turtle.

We leave you a blog where we explain how to take care of the shell of land or water turtles.

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