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Dogs are one of the most kept animals by humans in various parts of the world. This animal has adorable character and appearance and makes it liked by humans. Of course, having a pet has its challenges. This is one of the reasons for problems in companion dogs.

Dogs consist of various breeds and species with different appearances and characters unique to each individual. It is recorded that this breed of domestic dog has more than 100 species spread throughout the world.

In Indonesia alone, there are many local dogs to select dog breeds as pets. Some dog breeds are famous and often kept as pets, such as Golden Retriever, Golden, Dalmation, Siberian Husky, Poodle, Bichon, Bulldog and many other breeds.

Dogs are one of the most sensitive animals. Dogs can recognize their owners and can even tell if their owners are in danger or in a bad mood.

This is why having a dog is so difficult. In some circumstances, dogs can even attack and act so aggressively that they tend to be scared, hide or even run away from home. Here are some things that can be a reason for a dog to run away from home:

Dogs feel unloved

As already explained, dogs have a fairly high sensitivity. So caring for a dog is not just about feeding and sheltering it, but also about bonding. Dogs understand emotionally and understand the feeling of whether he is loved or not.

For dog owners, love for dogs can be shown in various ways, such as providing them with proper food, inviting them to play, taking regular walks, hugging them, and spending time together in various activities. Some dogs even enjoy being trained to perform certain commands. When the dog does not receive the large amount of attention, the dog will feel unloved and will tend to feel uncomfortable in your home, thus having the desire to run away.

Not having emotional closeness with the owner

When deciding whether to treat a dog, one must be prepared to make a first approach to the dog. Taming a dog can be done slowly and through various means. It can be with bait food or even with a sincere caress. Dogs can sometimes feel sincerity through the caress of someone’s hand so that the dog becomes more docile.

This stage of domestication will create an emotional bond between the dog and the owner. The owner can convey affection and the dog can accept the feelings that the owner wants to convey. This emotional bond can even allow dogs to feel feelings of sadness, anger, or happiness in their owners.

The existence of an emotional bond makes the dog feel comfortable living with its owner, and vice versa, if there is no emotional bond, the dog will be reluctant and will want to leave the house.

feeling abandoned

Animal lovers often don’t just keep one animal. Many of them have multiple types of animals or keep one type of animal but multiple tails. Because there are so many, pet owners often have one or more pets. Meanwhile, those who are not so loved will be unconsciously ignored.

That feeling of abandonment will catch up with the dog and make him want to get out of the house. A neglected dog will run away feeling sad and unnecessary.

High Adventurer’s Soul

Dogs are said to have evolved tens of thousands of years ago from wolves. So even some dog breeds still have a dense and high spirit of adventure so this dog breed cannot be restrained.

Dogs with an adventurous character tend to prefer to live in freedom, explore and not be locked up or confined to the house. Therefore, when the owner adopts a dog with such an adventurous spirit, it will not be surprising that the dog immediately runs away from home because he feels uncomfortable.

leadership competency

There are dogs with leadership traits and high egos from the start. Dogs with a high ego when there are other dogs, he will feel that he must be the leader. Dog characters like this usually at first show power and toughness through fighting each other.

When a dog with a high ego feels like his ego hurts. This competition for leadership among the pack is often the reason dogs choose to leave and run away from home to find a pack that can become a leader.

feel lost

When there is a struggle for power and pack leader in a group of companion dogs, of course there will be one dog who feels he has lost. Sometimes dogs just can’t accept defeat. Or the pack itself doesn’t want a loser dog.

The dogs that lose in competition are the ones that run away on their own because they feel threatened and unprotected if they are in that place.

Dogs too often Restriction

As a pet dog, dog owners often leash their dogs or leave them in a cage so they don’t run away or go too far. But this will actually make the dog depressed and keep thinking of ways to escape from the house.

So once the dog is released and the owner is neglected, the dog will quickly run away because he doesn’t want the feeling of being tied up and confined in the crate.

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