The chimes are almost heard! The new year is coming… Have you thought about what your purposes will be to start the year with a good “leg”? when these days come It is time to take stock of pending things regarding the care of our pets.

For this we must include our pet when raising these purposes, since it is an important part of our lives.

Today in our Terraviva Blog we offer you some attractive ideas to improve habits and to be able to give our pet a better quality of life.

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Propbears 2022 for owners

Teeth cleaning: Our little friend’s smile will not last all year, for this I will take care of his hygiene in all its aspects: you will take care of his bathing routine and I will keep him clean. I will also follow the care of your nails and keep your environment clean.

Socialize with pets: I will make him interact with more animals and in this way I will help him to develop better and without withdrawal. It will be more friendly.

Travel with he: I will include it more in my plans. We will make getaways and trips informing me of your needs so that it is something fun for both of us.

walk it mace and what make sport: We will go for a walk at a compatible time, for example when we wake up and also when we get home from work. I’ll spend more time with it and try to pay more attention to it when we’re home.

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Propbears 2022 for pets:

I will behave better at home: I will no longer chew slippers, rugs, or couches. It will give my owner a lot of joy and I am sure he will reward me.

Look afterand from me feeding: I will eat at the hours that I should and only from my food. Also, I will not eat or drink anything I find on the street.

I will respect the neighbors: I will not disturb guests who come to the house. I will not make them feel uncomfortable and I will wait patiently sitting down without jumping on top of them.

I will be obedient to my dueno: I will be good and go relieve myself where I should. Although sometimes it costs me, I promise!!

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Resolutions of 2022 for you and your pet

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