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Domestic cats, like other mammals, will be able to experience a gestation period of 1 week and then produce offspring. As a cat owner, you need to recognize the signs your cat may show when she is 1 week pregnant. As in humans, recognizing 1 week of pregnancy in domestic cats can help you prepare for the birth of a pet baby cat later on, for example by increasing your vitamin intake or planning whether the baby cat will stay with the pet or if you will give it to someone else. adoption.

The signs of a 1 week pregnant cat can be quite difficult to recognize. Unlike humans who like cravings or morning sickness, cats will look normal when they are 1 week pregnant. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t recognize the signs at all. You can also observe the changes in your cat to know if your favorite cat is 1 week pregnant or not.

Recognizing the signs of a pet cat who is 1 week pregnant

Typically, a female pet cat will be able to become pregnant for 1 week when she is four months old, although at this age a female pet cat is considered too young to be 1 week pregnant. The ideal age for a 1 week pregnant cat is 12 months. The 1-week gestation period for house cats and pet cats is about 60 to 67 days, or about 9 weeks. Still, it is possible for a cat to be pregnant for 1 week out of 70 days.

If you intend to breed a pet cat (breeder), you should recognize the signs of a 1 week pregnant pet cat to ensure that the pet cat’s litters are born healthy. Here are some signs of a 1 week pregnant cat that you can recognize:

  • The nipples are red and enlarged.

This usually occurs on the 15th or 18th day from the start of the first week of pregnancy. Enlarged red nipples, also known as pink, are a sign that the cat is preparing to nurse once the baby is born. However, keep in mind that these signs are not just signs that your cat is 1 week pregnant. Red, enlarged nipples can also be a sign that your cat is in heat. (read: How to fatten up a pet cat)

  • Back of pet cat curved

Usually, a pet cat’s back will look flat and ordinary, but when a cat is 1 week pregnant, you may notice that her back looks a bit arched. These signs will make your cat look like a little donkey, especially with the stomach starting to grow, as will be seen in the next point.

Also check if the belly is slightly rounded or bulging. If the result is yes, your cat is most likely pregnant. However, you must be careful when doing this. Pressing on the belly of a cat who is 1 week pregnant, if too strong, could pose a risk of miscarriage in the cat. So it’s a good idea to take him to the vet instead of checking him out yourself. These signs will appear more and more clearly when the 1 week pregnancy has come to an end. (read: How to treat sick and weak house cats)

Pet cats that are 1 week pregnant will typically experience hair loss. You may also notice that your cat’s fur looks thinner than normal. This is because the 1-week pregnancy that cats experience triggers the production of certain hormones that affect oil production in the layers of their skin. However, you shouldn’t have to worry. This loss will usually end after a week or two.

Have you noticed that your cat eats more and more frequently? If so, your cat is most likely 1 week pregnant. Typically, a pet cat that is 1 week pregnant will eat more when she is 1 week pregnant at the age of three weeks from 1 week pregnant because she feels her nutritional needs are increasing. (read: How to deal with cat hair loss)

Who says that only humans experience morning sickness during 1 week of pregnancy? Turns out house cats are like that too. Although not always obvious, some house cats will appear nauseated and sluggish to eat in the first week of pregnancy. You as the owner, must be attentive, yes! (read: Angora Pet Cat Signs)

House cats can also vomit as a result of the morning sickness they experience. If this happens, it’s best to take it to the doctor right away so your cat can get a more accurate exam. Could it be, right, that your cat is vomiting due to food poisoning? (read: How to thicken a cat’s fur)

If your cat is usually a cheerful, lively and playful creature, these signs may be easy for you to observe. Cats that are 1 week pregnant tend to be softer and calmer than normal. He will also sleep and rest more than playing with you. You may think he is lazy, but these are signs that your cat is 1 week pregnant and you need to understand.

  • prefer to seek attention

Domestic cats are basically pampered animals. However, when your beloved cat is 1 week pregnant, she will be more pampered than usual. He may like to come up to you to just relax and ask for your touch. So you, as good cat lovers, should understand this and pet your pet with love. (read: Signs of Pet Cat Rabies)

  • Cessation of the cycle of lust

You may notice that there are certain times when your cat goes into a period of lust. However, this cycle that you have observed suddenly stops. Your cat does not appear to be lusting and these are signs that your cat is 1 week pregnant. (read: How To Fatten Domestic Cats)

House cats that are 1 week pregnant may also change their attitude to be more protective and appear “fierce” to other house cats. This may be a form of love from a pet cat mother to her future baby. Her pet cat does not want her future baby to be hurt or disturbed by other house cats. (read: How to get rid of fleas on pet cats)

Have you given a special bed for your pet cat? If so, maybe when you are 1 week pregnant, you don’t want to sleep in your usual place. Cats that are 1 week pregnant will tend to move around to find a comfortable spot for themselves. This is nothing more than finding the most comfortable place to prepare for the birth of the baby.

At the end of the first week of pregnancy, your cat will start looking for a nest or a comfortable place to prepare for the birth of her baby. Usually, a cat will choose a warm and quiet place as a place to give birth to her baby, where this place will also be a place where her babies spend the first days of their lives. So at this time you can also help prepare a comfortable place for your cat. For example, by stacking hot, dry towels in the corner of the closet.

These are signs that your cat is 1 week pregnant. Milky discharge from your cat’s nipple indicates that your cat is actually 1 week pregnant. If milk has come out of your cat’s nipple, it is estimated that your cat will give birth in the next 2 to 3 weeks.

  • Ultrasound results show positive results.

To get a more accurate prediction, you can of course take your cat to the vet for an examination. The vet will perform an ultrasound to examine the cat’s stomach more precisely. This action can usually be done when the cat’s uterus reaches the age of 3 weeks.

After learning that your cat is 1 week pregnant, it’s good to start thinking about whether or not you’ll also care for the baby. If you do not intend to become a breeder, your cat should be spayed immediately after giving birth so that she does not become pregnant within 1 week. However, you may want to let your 1-week-pregnant cat cycle naturally.

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