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signs of aging in dogsAll pet owners certainly have a strong emotional connection or feeling with the animal they have.

This condition makes all owners feel sad when their pets like dogs start to age or experience aging.

This is because as they get older, the dog owner will soon leave their dog having to go away forever and the dog’s own condition will make it easier for them to get sick.

Here are some signs of aging in dogs that every dog ​​owner needs to know in the explanation below. (Also read: dog grooming tips for beginners)

  1. slow response

The first sign that can show that the dog has started to harvest is a condition where the dog’s response is slower than before.

This slow-response condition can also be seen when the dog does not respond quickly when its name is called. Another condition that also indicates that a dog is aging is a bark that comes out for no apparent reason. (Also read: how to deal with stomach acid in dogs)

  1. frequent urination

Dogs that urinate frequently because their bodies get thirsty easily is a sign that there is a hormonal imbalance occurring in dogs.

This condition of hormonal imbalance leads to the aging state of a dog. In addition, a dog that urinates frequently is also a sign of a kidney problem or a symptom of diabetes.

  1. Change of eating habits

Another condition that is also one of the signs that a dog is aging is a condition in which bad habits appear in the dog’s feeding activities that often cause him to take food out of his mouth and not even want to eat.

This condition of poor eating habits could be due to the problem that the teeth and gums experience problems that will surely occur in every dog ​​with old age. (Also read: how to deal with a stuffy nose in dogs)

  1. Weight gain and loss

Dogs that are past master age will be marked by signs of aging, one of which is the condition that the dog’s weight is unstable so that it is easy to go down or up easily.

This condition is due to a decrease in the function of the organs in the body, so the metabolism will work more slowly. In addition to a decreased metabolism, the dog’s excitement and enthusiasm will also weaken and weaken the dog’s body. . (Also read: how to deal with poisoned dogs)

  1. Health problems

Dogs that have entered their old age will also be very easy to experience health problems and decreased organ function.

An older dog’s condition will often experience certain illnesses, hair loss, reduced vision, rashes and bumps that can occur on the surface of the dog’s skin, and various other health problems. The dog’s teeth area will also begin to turn brittle and yellowish. (Also read: how to tame a puppy)

Here are some of the signs of aging in dogs that every dog ​​owner should understand. In this old age, dogs should be given better care because their body conditions are highly susceptible to various kinds of diseases in the environment they live in.

Dog owners certainly have to treat dogs that have experienced aging differently.

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