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Signs of menstruation in dogs
Menstruation is a repeated cycle that occurs in the human reproductive system with the female sex.

Some animals will also experience menstruation conditions.

Animals that have a full menstrual period are large primates like gorillas, orangutans, chimpanzees, bonobos, etc.

Some other animals, such as cats and dogs, may also experience signs that resemble menstruation, although they are not actually the same cycle as menstruation in humans or great primates.

Some of the signs of menstruation in dogs are similar to menstrual symptoms in general, some of which are discussed in the explanation below. (Also read: how to tame a puppy)

dog loop cycle

Before knowing the signs of menstruation in female dogs, the first thing to know is an explanation of the cycle. Menstruation in dogs is known as the dog loop cycle or the estrous cycle, which is a cycle in which dogs can experience pregnancy.

There are 4 stages in this cycle namely proestrus, estrus, diestro (meestro) and anestrus. On average, dogs experience this cycle when they are 6 months old. There are some female dogs that may experience a faster estrous cycle and some may last longer up to 14 months. (Also read: how to deal with poisoned dogs)

The time period during which this looping cycle occurs is around 3 weeks or 21 days and it will occur every year up to 2 times. Female dogs can only get pregnant when this cycle cycle occurs and typically the female dog’s fertile window is from day 11 to day 15.

The bitch that is going through the loop cycle will always be watched by the male, so you must be careful when taking the bitch for a walk so as not to have problems with stray males. (Also read: how to deal with a stuffy nose in dogs)

Signs of menstruation in dogs

Bitches that experience menstrual cycles or loops must be immediately identified by their owners through the signs that appear, so that if the bitch wants to be mated, the moment can be accurately determined, but if the bitch does not want to be mated, then preventive measures can be taken. taken. Here are some signs of menstruation in dogs that can be seen, including the following.

  1. Humor changes, the first thing that can be seen as a sign of menstruation in dogs is the appearance of a condition in which the dog is more irritable and often changes mood. (Also read: how to deal with stomach acid in dogs)
  2. The number of approaching male dogsfemale dogs undergoing a loop cycle will receive more attention than the male dogs around them, so a sign of a loop cycle process in dogs is when many males approach her.
  3. puffy nipplesThe physical symptom that can be seen when a dog experiences a looping cycle is the onset of a state where the nipples begin to look puffy.
  4. put the tail, Another condition that can also be a sign that a female dog is menstruating is indicated by tail-popping activity. (Also read: dog grooming tips for beginners)
  5. changes in appetiteIn addition to some of the symptoms listed above, dogs experiencing menstrual cycles or loop cycles will also experience issues with changes in appetite.

Those are some signs of menstruation in dogs that every dog ​​owner should pay attention to and some explanations about the condition of the cycle of the cycle.

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