Stripping Technique

Today we explain a method to maintain the texture of your pet’s hair and the health of its skin.

It is a technique that is performed on hard-haired breeds such as: Dwarf Schnauzer, Dachshund, Fox Terrier or Westie.

The meaning of stripping is “pulled out of the hair”. And why start?


Moulting is the process in which the hair that is dead is lost, to make room for new hair.

Most breeds shed twice a year, but some breeds do not shed. This is because their hair grows continuously, or simply the dead hair does not fall out.

This one that does not fall, we must proceed to remove it so that it can continue with its healthy development. For this there is the stripping technique that through the fingers or special blades the precise hair is extracted.

Therefore, to fully understand this technique without generating doubts, we must first have a basic notion of shedding.

Because it improves hair quality?

The dead hair that does not shed stays inside the hair follicle (the little hole in the skin where the hair grows), and therefore, when the new hair grows, it has no place to come out. This causes itching and discomfort to our pet, causing the new hair to grow weak and weak.


A common mistake is the use of a peeling machine, with this the only thing that is achieved is to cut the hair leaving it inside the follicle.

With stripping, dead hair is removed and therefore the new hair comes out stronger, with its proper texture, and with a more intense and bright color.

Does this technique hurt my pet?

This is one of the biggest doubts that can be generated and the answer is no. It is about removing dead hair, since it is not connected to the nerves, it is a procedure without any pain. You just have to see a dog do it, they never complain, because they don’t notice.


How often should stripping be done?

Maintenance depends on each breed and hair growth, but generally the ideal is to do it every month and a half.

It is important to know when you start stripping since you have to do it often.

If you perform the stripping, it is not advisable to pass the machine later, because all the course obtained with the method will not work.

The ideal age to start with this technique is from three or four months (depending on the breed).

From that age begins to renew the hair. For this reason, it is ideal to accustom the animal from a very young age to dealing with hairdressers. Honestly, it is a very useful technique, since in the long run it really stands out for its results. It is very easy to distinguish an animal that is stripped from one that is not.

At Terraviva we are very proud of our dog groomer and stylist at our Babel store. Antonio GarcĂ­a Cifuentes, a true professional of this stripping technique.

Stripping: Do you know the technique for your pets?

Antonio has competed internationally and has impregnated us with his knowledge and vision in this world. The world where the health of the animal becomes a challenge to be rewarded.

This 2017 has been awarded with the Gold Medal in Stripping Category Amaintaining the hygiene and aesthetics of your dog in an optimal state of high professionalism and preparing it for exhibition and competition.


As he tells us, the importance of continuing training for the dedication to animals is essential.

His dedication to training has developed into great professionals in dog grooming at a national and international level.

We invite you to take care of your little friends with this procedure so that their fur is healthier. We will be happy to thank you with all the news in adaptations to your tastes and the needs of your puppy. In terraviva you will have products for the hygiene and beauty of your pet.

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Stripping: Do you know the technique for your pets?

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