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The 10 most complete ways to overcome ringworm in cats
Does your cat scratch too often? or does his head look bald? Pay attention to your pet cat, friend, if you experience this, it is possible that your cat is infected with a disease called ringworm. That is a disease caused by a fungus that lives on the fur and skin of cats.

Ringworm in cats has potential for humans too, folks, though it’s a slim chance and not a serious disease. But still we as cat owners need to recognize this disease and understand how to overcome it. Let’s see the full explanation in the following article, 10 ways to treat ringworm in cats.

1. Understand the symptoms

Ringworm in cats can be observed directly from its physical symptoms, namely the peeling of the skin on the head to appear slightly bald and the cat’s forelimbs, for example, on the outside of the abdomen. In the middle there is a reddish color and the skin is thinning. (Also read about vitamins for sick cats.)

Generally, cats that are susceptible to this disease are those under 1 year of age, but it can attack cats of any age and any type, especially those with long or thick fur or when they are in extreme climates and their immune system is weakened. weakening. (Also read about how to prevent fungus in cats.)

2. Body and environmental cleansing

The fungus can spread widely and easily if it is in a dirty environment or in body conditions, to prevent this disease from worsening or spreading to other animals and living beings, do a thorough cleaning of the cat’s cage and the surrounding environment . Do not put a large number of cats in one room. Provide a special place for sick cats. (Also read about the signs of fungus in cats has been cured).

3. Air circulation

Install air conditioning and make sure the cat’s body condition and environment are not humid. Because it can make the risk of spread easier, please provide a space where sunlight can penetrate and have good air circulation. Make sure the cat’s body is always dry and clean. (Also read about cat skin diseases).

4. Give antifungal shampoo

When you suspect your cat has ringworm, it’s a good idea to take him to the vet right away, usually the vet will give him a special shampoo, i.e. an antifungal shampoo that can kill the fungus and prevent transmission. The shampoo is antiseptic and can sometimes sting your cat’s skin a bit, but it is the best treatment for its recovery. (Also read about tips for bathing cats.)

5. Antifungal ointment

Also ask the vet for a cat antifungal ointment, don’t give him a human antifungal ointment friend, because sometimes it feels very hot and sore on the skin. Give the ointment and distribute evenly according to the dose given by the veterinarian, usually oral antibiotics will also be given to speed up healing.

6. Prevent contagion

Ringworm in cats is a disease that is easily transmitted, take precautions so that no other cat is infected, the way is to give the best care as recommended by the doctor and maintain cleanliness by cleaning the cat’s bed and toys with a disinfectant,

Discard items that are impossible to clean, such as carpeted paint trees. Also clean your home with a disinfectant and clean up any cat hair or cat fur if the cat’s fur may have peeled off, because the ringworm fungus can live on discarded or decayed cat hair. fallen from his skin.

7. Bathe regularly

A cat with ringworm does not mean that it is not bathed, it still has to be bathed because its body grooming is mandatory. Bathe him with warm water and a special shampoo and dry his fur immediately after bathing, without letting a wet situation overtake him even for a moment.

8. Natural vitamins and nutrient intake

Sunlight contains natural vitamin D which is good for cats’ health, both skin and coat. Dry the cat with ringworm in the warm morning sun, and make sure the drying area is clean, free of moisture, and free of dust or contamination. Dry it for about 10 to 15 minutes to make the body feel warm and reduce itchiness and feel fitter.

Also give good vitamins for sick cats like vitamin B complex and provide perfect nutrition, give healthy food and adequate water. Don’t let it get dehydrated because it will make the water content in the skin lower and the skin can’t fight diseases because it has a lack of body resistance.

9. Prevent cats from scratching

Prevent the cat from scratching by giving it an antifungal ointment regularly, if it continues to scratch it is feared that it will cause injury and sore skin. Distract him with other things, such as toys that don’t stick easily to his fur, or provide him with a special place that’s comfortable to rest in and protected from the itchy heat on his skin.

How to treat ringworm in cats of course adjusts to the severity it experiences, if indeed it is difficult for you to treat it at home for fear of infection or other reasons, it is okay to take it to a veterinarian who has an adequate and quality. He secured the clinic and leaves him treated there until he heals because the place at the vets is usually very clean and supportive of the healing process.

10. Owner Health and Safety

Do not forget to take care of yourself and take care of yourself because as explained above, ringworm can be transmitted to humans, so you also have to be careful. Wear gloves when touching it and don’t forget to always wash your hands with soap and clean water before and after touching it to be safe and free from risk of infection.

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