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In fact, most people get scared when they come across this bird, because it has a terrifying sound. However, there are still some people interested in keeping this unique black bird.

It may be that you are the one who has kept this animal because you find it interesting in terms of appearance or perhaps sound. If that’s the case, the most recommended crow food discussion may be the right solution for you.

1. peanuts

The most preferred food is actually a type of dried fruit, where one of the most favorites is peanuts. And don’t peel the nuts, just leave them and feed them directly to the bird, it will be a treat for the pet bird.

It should be noted that this peanut itself is also one of the ways to increase the appetite of the pigeon. So you can keep both birds at the same time, because the type of feed is the same.

2. Boiled Eggs

It is different from a good serindit or other bird food, because crows also like boiled eggs. The types of eggs that can be given are also relatively easy to obtain, namely chicken or quail eggs are a favorite for crows.

You can buy these types of eggs at the store closest to your area, and boil them until they are cooked first. And this time the skin was peeled off first, so that the crows could easily eat it right away.

3. Fruits

Although it seems a bit strange, in reality this crow also wants to be given food in the form of fruits like other birds. For example, like the following types of fruit for the wingko sparrow, where you can also give it to your favorite crow.

Because of the type of fruit that can be given alone, it is also free, as long as the quality is properly maintained so that the health of the birds is not disturbed by poor quality feed. Since these are fresh foods, don’t forget to replace them when they are no longer fit to eat.

4. Meat

The next type of crow food that can be given is meat, where it can be given directly or perhaps it can also be boiled first. However, it is preferable if the condition of the meat is still raw.

And before you give it to the crow, you’d better chop it up first so that it can be easily eaten by the bird. It doesn’t matter, it’s actually whole right away, but it usually won’t be clean for birds to eat, and it’s also awkward.

5. Food for dogs and cats

Not only types of food like birds in general, but you can also give this crow cat food or dog food, and obviously it will eat it. However, it should be noted that this is not adequate.

This is because dry or wet dog food or cat food has a protein content that is too high for crows. So this can have a dangerous impact on your health.

Actually, the care of this raven is the same as that of other types of birds, so it is necessary to apply how to care for molting birds as well. However, as for the type of food itself, it can be said that it is easier.

The reason is that whatever type of food can be given to it, most birds will eat it, but you as the owner should also pay attention to what type of food is good for the bird to maintain its condition. bodily.

The raven itself can also experience stress, so you should follow the following ways to treat stressed birds so they can move normally again. Because even though it looks pretty terrible, the crow has a nature that can also be said to be spoiled.

However, this is not easily achievable for ravens, because this type of bird is difficult to train and understand. It will take some time before they can be completely tame and friendly, so they may have characteristics like other types of pet birds.

Unique Facts About Ravens

Although there are basically many bad myths that occur in this bird, but basically there are some unique facts that are owned by the raven. Some of them are like:

For life in the wild, ravens have a high solidarity where when a friend is known to be injured, a group of friends will come to help. Because crows have a loyal nature and are ready to help.

This is an advantage for those of you who maintain, because you have a long memory, it is possible that the raven will remember you when you have been treated well. So the chances of escaping are also quite small.

Although it looks quite scary, the raven is also one of the loyal birds. However, if the female is unable to incubate her eggs, she will not hesitate to leave.

Those are some types of crow food that can be given and some unique facts about the bird that look pretty creepy. How, it’s not easy to get the crow’s favorite food?

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