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Birds are one of the birds that are often found, and even seen almost every day. Birds have many types or species, ranging from protected to wild. Some are dangerous because they eat meat, like eagles, and some are very tame, like other types of livestock birds. Among them are lovebirds, parrots, parrots, starlings, and many more. So what about the owls?

What is the food for wild owls? It is a question, considering that this species of bird looks terrifying. Much has been said about birds, for example, as in the past, that is, the advantages of wooden cages for pet birds, for those of you who are looking for references on how to make cages, you can listen to the article. In addition, there are several things that have been passed down, namely how to remove the ring on the bird’s leg so that it does not hurt and much more.

Speaking of owls, many are afraid to see them on some people. Because this bird has round and terrifying eyes, and not infrequently people associate it with the existence of ghosts. No, it’s not necessarily justified for owls to become genies. It could be said that the name of the owl was deliberately mentioned for this species of bird due to its frightening face. The funny thing is that owls can turn their heads up to 180 degrees.

Keeping owls isn’t for everyone, and it’s not too different from keeping birds in general. As long as you provide good care, owls can live healthy and grow well. One of them is not to make the owl feel depressed, because it can lead to death. If that happens, you can listen to how owls relieve stress. Also, not all of them can be easily kept because there are types of owls that are difficult to keep.

Identical owls live in the wild, and some of their food is a question for some people. What foods do wild owls like best to make them easier to tame and care for? Immediately see more in the following discussion.

wild owl food

Little Bird

The food of the wild owl is small birds or also invertebrates such as large beetles. Owls do not hesitate to guess their prey even if they are on a perch. Unbeknownst to them, the owl had been stalking and then ambushing its prey. However, when maintenance is carried out, this is quite difficult to do in small bird feeding.

various rats

Whether it’s wood rats or wood rats, owls also feed on them. Rats are also included as food in the wild. Like small birds, owls will quickly guess mice and immediately prey on them. Especially white rats are the favorite food of all kinds of owls. Also know how to quickly breed white rats.

Minnow (wader)

Who would have thought that owls also eat fish, but snowy owls eat them the most. When you see a fish in the water, and it appears a little on the surface, the owl quickly catches it with its beak. The fish are none other than waders or all kinds of small fish.


Not only wading fish, but owls also eat catfish, which is the main type of food. If you have an owl, there is no harm in giving him catfish once in a while or at least once a week because it is high in protein which is good for the body. Don’t forget to also learn about the correct grading process for catfish.


There are many types of insects you know of, and that includes the owl’s prey. Yes, owls also eat insects and do not hesitate to make them bloom with ease.

Actually all types of owls are identical to eat meat, and none other than the popular ones are all types of mice. However, when it has been kept at home, it does not mean that the owls cannot eat other ingredients of the feed. If you keep them indoors, it’s okay to feed them baby mice first. But as time goes by, it helps to forget about food in the form of mice. Provide food continuously, from instant food, vegetables to fruits. Even if you have to eat meat, give him chunks of boiled chicken or boiled catfish. With the condition of the given boiled meat, it will slowly reduce the level of savagery of the owl.

Keeping owls is challenging, especially when they are still in the wild. Owls may bite you because they feel threatened. But having owls is not completely useless, aside from being beautiful and attention grabbing, there are also some benefits of fluffy feathers on owls that need attention. However, it is important to remember that owls are not carriers of demons. However, it is called an owl because it has a scary face shape with round eyes. In addition, the neck can rotate up to 180 to 360 degrees.

Perhaps from this it can be understood, what are the foods for wild owls? That is all that can be passed on that may be useful.

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