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Of the many types of pets that can be cared for independently at home, tortoises are one of the most unique and interesting. It is true that you can not play or train like a cat or a dog, but the turtles can last much longer.

As a caretaker, you must also implement ways to preserve the turtles so that the population does not become extinct and the species does not disappear from this world. And to learn more about the types of pet turtles that can be kept and are popular, they are the following.



In the first place there is the Aldabra type, which for the size of the following tortoises is quite large, and if it is brought it can ask 2-3 more people for help when it reaches the adult stage. By the size of the shell itself it can reach 1.5 meters.

The following animals are included in the group of herbivores and are one of the most expensive types of animals in the world, because it is quite difficult to take care of them yourself. But by his own age he can reach 100 years and even more.

2. sulcata


Next is Sulcata, where the following tortoises are not only beautifully colored, but can also grow to be very large to match Aldabra. For the first position as the largest tortoise, it is occupied by Galapagos, and both are Aldabra, Sulcata is in third position.

The following tortoises come from the African desert, where the dominant one is from a hot climate and minimal food. However, Sulcata can also adapt well to a tropical climate like Indonesia, for example.

3. Indian Star

indian star

As its name indicates, where does this animal come from India too, which has an exotic shell, which forms a pattern like a star. And as food you can give him various types of vegetables or sometimes you can also give him fruit.

For its size, it is not too big, and its maintenance is also quite easy, so this turtle is also suitable for maintenance even for beginners. And regarding India, also identify the types of elephants in the world and their distribution, which can be said to also start to be rare.

4. Cherry Head

cherry head

The next type is the Cherry Head Tortoise, which is native to Brazil and Paraguay. This type of tortoise is famous for its round head and reddish-orange color like a cherry, so it is only natural that the name should be so.

And for its own life, it is very suitable for the Indonesian environment and climate, because Cherry Head lives in tropical forest areas. You can also find information on other types of rainforest animals at this link.

5. Leopard tortoise

leopard tortoise

The leopard is one of the fastest animals in the world that has a characteristic black dot on its body. And most animals with such characteristics will have an additional leopard, like this type of tortoise, for example.

On the shell, this leopard tortoise has more or less the same pattern as the swift animal, and this tortoise hails from Africa. However, for those of you who want to keep it that way it is quite difficult.

Because the Leopard Tortoise is very sensitive to changes in weather and climate, so it is suitable for living in warm places such as its origin, Africa. Therefore, if Indonesia is to survive, it is clear that it must be provided with a special place.

6. Asian Forest Tortoise

asian forest tortoise

Unlike the leopard tortoise, because the Asian wood tortoise lives in the tropics, it will be easy to live in Indonesia. And by the maintenance itself you can say that it is very easy.

Characteristics of the following pet tortoises are found in the shell, which is large and dark in color with a slippery surface. As for the tropical climate, it turns out that there are also several types of penguins that live in the tropics.

7. Elongated


Then the following turtles are also widely found in Indonesia or other Southeast Asian countries. Although basically the climate is generally suitable, this tortoise will still find it difficult to adjust to its new environment.

This could be because the imported species come from forests where their habitat is infested with parasites so there are not many enthusiasts even though large-scale imports have taken place in Indonesia.

8. Brazilian turtle

brazilian tortoise

It can be said that this last type of pet turtle is very popular, more popular than the others. Brazilian tortoises are not too big and have the ability to live in aquariums, so many people are interested in keeping them.

And the life expectancy of the following turtles is quite long, which is about 20 years with a body length that can reach 30 cm. As for the type of food, they can be vegetables, they can also be given worms, insects or fruits.

The shape of the shell and head of the Brazilian tortoise is quite unique, so many people are attracted to it, especially the affordable price adds to the appeal of certain circles to keep it. Here’s how to care for a Brazilian tortoise so it grows fast for beginners.

Those are the eight types of pet tortoises that you may know about and for reference too, maybe there are those who are interested in one of these types of tortoises to use as pets at home or in the backyard.

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