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Having pets is a common thing for humans. Because this is usually used as a hobby or for reasons, the animal’s body part is interesting, so it is very pleasing to the eye and cared for.

But not all the animals you can keep, like some of the ones we will talk about this time. Unlike usual, here we want to talk about the stinkiest pet in the world and it is better not to have it or maybe take good care of it.

1. Stinky Bird

stinky bird

The first animal this time was the Stinkbird. This unique and rare bird can be said to have the most unusual digestive system compared to other poultry species.

This Stinkbird has bacteria in its front gut that work to digest food, without using the bacteria in the hind gut. And this is what makes the digestive system similar to that of ruminant mammals like cows.

Despite their ferocious appearance, these animals are true vegetarians, where their diet consists of leaves, flowers, and fruit. Also learn about the following high-protein animal feed ingredients.

2. South Tamandua

South Park

Similar to the pangolin, the Southern Tamandua is also an anteater, but the animal’s body is even smaller than that of the pangolin. Although its size is small and does not satisfy predators.

But these animals still have a main weapon to repel them, which is to emit a foul odor from the anal glands on the underside of the tail. In addition, this animal also has long claws and muscular arms.

3. Wolverine


From the name alone, you may already be familiar with this animal, because it is one of the names of the characters in the superhero movie Marvel Heroes.

As well as having a ferocious appearance, this Wolverine is also the smelliest animal in the world, no wonder he gets the nickname skunk bear or disgusting cat.

Unlike South Tamandua, who use stink as a defense against predators, the stink Wolverine releases is a sign of sexual prowess during mating season or assertion of territory.

4. Skunk


The next smelliest pet in the world this time is the skunk. From its cute appearance with the combination of black and white fur, this animal is very popular for its distinctive smell.

Being near these animals is not a good idea, as they do not hesitate to spray their signature weapon if they feel threatened. Even removing skunk stink is not easy.

The Humane Society of the United States offers a rather complicated suggestion, namely mixing baking soda, dish soap, and hydrogen peroxide. If you are manggot cattle, this is how you can apply odorless manggot cattle.

5. Rat Snake King

rat snake king

For fans of reptiles like snakes, the appearance of the King Ratsnake is quite interesting, where this animal has quite a beautiful implant behind a golden brown base color. But did you know that this snake has a unique main posture as a defense?

In general, snakes use venomous venom to attack their prey, but this King Ratsnake uses the stench emitted from its post-anal. This snake has a maximum length of up to 2.5 meters, and its prey is another snake, one of which is the Chinese cobra.

Snakes are classified as poisonous, some are not and are mediocre. As knowledge to recognize it, you can find out from the discussion of the characteristics of venomous and non-venomous snake bites as follows.

6. Hud-Hud Bird

Hud-Hud Bird

It has a beautiful appearance, which makes many people interested in keeping this Hud-Hud bird. where this bird from Eurasia and Africa does not always smell bad.

When female Hud-Hud birds breed or incubate their eggs, they emit a foul odor from their glands.

The smell it produces is similar to that of carrion or rotting meat, and is sure to make people lose their appetite. In addition, this beautiful bird does not hesitate to expel its feces explosively, as if it were doing it deliberately so that no one would be interested in it.

7. Skunk


Apart from the wolverine, another animal belonging to the mustelid family that has a foul odor is the Zorrilla. This tiny animal uses a special infant gland to mark its territorial area.

In addition, they also secrete the liquid to attack predators so that they are deterred from bothering them anymore. Humans just can’t stand the smell, especially cats, who basically have a better sense of smell.

8. Musk Ox

musk ox

At first glance, the appearance of this animal is similar to a herd of cows in general, which is so tempting. But when it comes to approaching these animals, it can be a bad idea that you should not do.

During the summer and breeding season, this male musk ox secretes a fluid from glands on the body that has an unpleasant odor. This liquid oozes near his eyes and then creeps onto his fur.

To the human sense of smell the smell is very strong in the nose, but to the female musk ox the smell is very arousing. The female is just waiting for the results of the males’ fight to snatch it away.

Enough reviews on the smelliest pets in the world, hopefully what we pass on is helpful and adds to your knowledge later on. In addition, you can also get information about the most expensive types of animals in the world as follows that might be of interest to you.

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