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Giving vitamins is one of the efforts to help improve the health of puppies and is included in the care of puppies so that they can always have a process of development and growth that is maintained. This condition is necessary considering that puppies have more vulnerable and weaker body conditions than adult dogs, so it is very easy for them to experience various types of health problems. Each type of vitamin certainly has its own benefits and uses. In this article, Arena will discuss the benefits of vitamin C for dogs and puppies, outlined in the description below.

  1. iron metabolism

The first benefit that can be obtained from vitamin C for the dog’s body is that it helps in the process of metabolizing iron in the body. Iron is one of the important minerals for the health of tissues and cells, so it helps maintain the growth process of dogs, especially those that are still puppies. (Also read: how to care for a dog so that it is fat)

  1. neutralize free radicals

Another form of vitamin C benefits for dogs is that it helps neutralize free radicals. Free radicals are one of the things that can cause several serious diseases in the body. The neutralization of free radicals makes the dog’s risk of developing cancer or tumors quite small because the main cause of cancer is free radicals. (Also read: how to treat a coughing dog)

  1. Helps regenerate vitamin E

Another benefit of vitamin C in the body is that it helps regenerate vitamin E so that all the benefits of vitamin E can be properly obtained and vitamin E deficiency conditions can be prevented. Vitamin E Itself for Dogs It is very helpful in supporting your reproductive organs.

  1. Activate the body’s defense system

Vitamin C plays an important role in preventing certain diseases in dogs due to its active role in helping to improve the dog’s immune system or defense system. Vitamin C deficiency or deficiency conditions can cause a situation where the body will be highly susceptible to various diseases around it. (Also read: how to increase a dog’s appetite)

  1. source of antioxidants

Vitamin C is a source of antioxidants that are important to the body as a building block for the body’s defenses or immunity. The intake of vitamin C in the body can help prevent various types of harmful substances in the body. (Also read: how to treat dog flu)

  1. Help the healing process of wounds and diseases.

Another benefit of vitamin C for dogs is that it helps the healing process of wounds and diseases. Because these benefits are often used to help the body heal existing wounds. With an active defense system and the body’s immunity, various problems can be quickly resolved and will not have a major adverse impact. (Also read: how to treat a dog so that it does not smell)

Those are some of the benefits of vitamin C for dogs that in general can help nourish the dog’s body. Although it has significant health benefits for the dog’s body, what distinguishes other dog vitamins from vitamin C is the condition that dogs don’t actually need to ingest too much vitamin C because vitamin C can be produced directly by the body of the dog. Paying attention to the nutritional intake of dogs is a part of dog care.

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