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The characteristics of a healthy cat that you should know

Owning a pet has now become a hobby that many people from all walks of life do.

One of the most popular pets today is a cat.

Cats are very cute pets and are capable of entertaining their owners.

In the process of raising livestock such as cats, of course there must be careful efforts to maintain the cat’s health.

The condition of a healthy cat can be seen through various physical and psychological characteristics that the cat displays.

The following are some of the characteristics of a healthy cat that every cat owner should understand and that can be a reference that the treatment process carried out is correct. (Also read: how to treat burns in cats)

  1. Clean hair that does not fall out

The first thing that can mark the characteristics of a healthy cat is when the coat looks clean and without shedding.

A healthy cat will regularly clean its own fur. Conditions that experience hair loss may be a sign that there are parasites or fungi infecting the surface of the skin in cats. (Also read: how to eliminate stress in Angora cats)

  1. Healthy eyes, nose and mouth.

Another condition that can also indicate that a cat is in good health is a condition where the cat’s eyes, nose, and mouth are in very good condition. Healthy eyes will look bright and no impurities are found.

A healthy nose does not look too wet and does not look too dry and in a clean state with no signs of fungus. A healthy cat’s mouth will not smell or salivate uncontrollably. (Also read: Why cats do not want to eat)

  1. clean ears

The next body part condition that can show a cat is in good condition is its clean ears.

In addition to being clean, the cat’s ears must also function properly so that when the cat is called, its healthy condition immediately responds to the call. Healthy cats also don’t scratch their ears or shake their heads as a sign of problems in the ear and head area. (Also read: the impact of not vaccinating cats)

  1. active and lively

As well as being seen by some of the physical symptoms mentioned above, the characteristics of a healthy cat will also be known by their active and agile behavior when invited to play.

In addition to having an agile behavior pattern, a healthy cat will also have a good appetite so his body will appear fat. Puppy or cat litter will also show a healthy condition, which is a brown cat.

  1. Healthy gums and teeth

Other parts of the body that can also show that the cat’s condition is in good condition without any health problems can be seen in healthy gums and teeth. The cat’s teeth should appear white with no stains and should be solid or strong.

Healthy gums are indicated by a pink color with no bleeding from the gums. (Also read: the growth process in cats)

Those are some of the characteristics of a healthy cat that every cat owner should always pay attention to so that when there are problems in some parts of the body they can be addressed immediately and treated properly.

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