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Cats are four-legged mammals that are mostly kept by people in the home. Yes, these domestic cats are generally small in size, but what about the big cats? Many people often use this term to describe animals that have a physique like that of a cat but are larger in size.

Now the animals in question include tigers, lions, leopards, jaguars, there is another type of animal called a cheetah which is similar in appearance to its brother, only this animal can’t make a loud roar like the big cat above, and here there are a number of differences.

Fundamental Difference

It is very important that you understand this discussion, because many people misunderstand the names of the three types of big cats. The reason is that, from physical characteristics to fur color that have similarities, ordinary people are confused to distinguish them and think that all three are the same.



The first animal we will talk about this time is the cheetah. This big cat breed has a body shape that differs greatly from tigers, where they have a slim body, a narrow stomach, and flat shoulders.

What makes this cheetah look a bit like a tiger is its skin tone, if the tiger has a brownish yellow base color with black stripe motifs. While Cheetah has a brownish-yellow base coat with a black circle motif.

On the scientific classification scale, this cheetah is included in the Felinae subfamily. Where thanks to their slender bodies, they can run very fast. These animals can hunt their prey by chasing them.

Not only on land, cheetahs are also one of the land animals that can swim and must be careful when in the water. Therefore, cheetahs are quite easy to hunt even in two different conditions, then jump while biting the neck of their prey to death.

This animal, which is native to Asia and Africa, has a weakness, where the cheetah cannot roar and cannot climb trees. Perhaps this is the question that many people ask, with such a slender body, why can’t this cheetah climb trees?

This cheetah is possibly one of the fastest cats in the world where they can run at speeds of 110 KM/h in a short time up to 460 meters with an acceleration of 0-100 KM/h in 3.5 seconds, and the speed of this animal is faster than supercars. Cheetahs are also known as the most efficient predators on earth.



Then there is the big cat Jaguar, where this animal has a slightly stocky body compared to the cheetah and has shoulders that stick out upwards. Unlike the cheetahs native to Africa and Asia, this Jaguar has a native habitat in the Americas.

They are generally located in northern Mexico, through Central America to Paraguay, northern and southern Argentina. Also check out other discussions about other types of rainforest animals that are not too different from their lives with the jaguar.

At first glance, the jaguar’s skin color is similar to that of the cheetah, where they also have a basic brownish-yellow skin color. In addition, the Jaguar also has a black dot motif on its lower legs, while its body has irregularly shaped square/circle motifs with black dots inside.

However, there is also a type of panther that has jet-black skin all over its body with no spots. And of course this is quite different from some of the facts that these hyenas are both apex predators.

On the scientific classification scale, this Jaguar belongs to the Pantherinae subfamily, where they tend to hunt stealthily, then ambush the ground by biting the neck and skull of their prey to death.

Jaguars have a very strong bite, even a bite from this animal is capable of going through the shell of a turtle which is considered thick. However, the favorite prey of these big cats are deer, tapirs, dogs, foxes and aquatic animals such as various types of fish, even large anaconda snakes can also be eaten by these animals.

The advantage of this Jaguar compared to Cheetahs is that they can climb trees and roar. Of course, jaguars are more dangerous, because they can climb where their prey won’t survive pursuit while in the tree.



And the last time it was the Leopard, perhaps physically this animal is the same as its brother, the Panther. This is very reasonable because they are still the same scientific classification scale that comes from the Pantherinae subfamily.

The leopard has a medium sized body shape and has a prominent shoulder shape. Meanwhile, the skin color has a spotted motif on the lower part of its body in the form of a black circle, while the spotted motif on other parts of the body is in the form of red spots with black borders.

This leopard is an indigenous animal native to the continents of Asia and Africa. They have a way of hunting like a panther that sneaks up, then ambushes and bites the neck of its prey. This animal can roar and also has the ability to climb trees.

This type of solitary animal almost eats all the prey of various sizes that it finds. But the favorite prey of these animals are mammals, rodents, fish, birds, monkeys and everything that surrounds them.

While you already understand some of the differences, it still takes some time to fully understand the differences between the three types of big cats. Because it is more difficult compared to the difference between a lion and a tiger that can be seen at a glance.

So that was a little background on the differences between cheetahs, leopards and jaguars that you should know about. This way you will understand a little about the three animals and you will be able to anticipate and be alert when dealing with them later.

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