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This gecko and lizard are a type of insect-eating animal, both from the Gekkonaide group. For these lizards, they may have appeared in front of humans quite often, although they will move away when approached, while for geckos they prefer to hide.

Although it is still a family of autotomized animals that can cut off their tails and grow them back, there are differences between geckos and lizards that you should be aware of besides the physical part. So what are the differences between the two reptiles? Right away, check out the full review below.

Characteristics of Lizards

The difference between a gecko and a lizard can actually be seen in their physical appearance, starting with their size and skin texture. Lizards are a type of reptile that belongs to the Gekkonaide family just like geckos.

For the size of this lizard itself it has a total length of about 13.5 cm including the length of the tail, and on the skin of this lizard it has small tufts of skin near the side of its body. They are also found on the rear edges of the hands and legs and also on the tail.

It is because of these tassels that it is distinguished between lizards and geckos and other reptiles. Also check out the discussion on the types of home pet lizards that appeal to reptile lovers.

In addition, the size of the lizard itself is still smaller than that of the gecko, and the skin color of the two reptiles is also very different, so it is quite easy to recognize them. The sound of this animal is also very different, so you will definitely be easy to recognize.

As for the lizard problem itself, there are several types of lizards that are often found but still not well recognized by people who see them. Some of these types of lizards are:

1. Wall of lizards

This type of lizard is the easiest to find, since it usually appears on the walls of the house. These animals eat small insects for food, such as mosquitoes and the like, so the existence of these animals is quite useful.

In addition, this lizard is also a shy animal, where it will hide if it is visited by humans, so these animals are not dangerous. Lizards like to find their prey near lights, and they are animals that usually appear in the late afternoon.

And for those of you who have canaries, you can also be lucky when there are many lizards at home, because a type of vitamin for canaries is lizards, which can maintain resistance and beautify their voice.

2. Wood Lizard

As its name suggests, this wood lizard is also given another nickname like tree lizard, where the original habitat of this animal is forest or woodland. However, this reptile is also quite often found around the house, and of course it does not have walls, but is part of the house made of wood.

3. Sugar Lizard

There is something interesting about this type of lizard, where this animal is actually the same as other lizards that like to hunt small insects. However, it is not uncommon for these sugar lizards to be found on the dining table because they are very fond of carbohydrate sources such as sugar and rice.

Perhaps because of its strange attitude, this animal got the nickname sugar lizard. So if you often find a lizard in a cup of coffee, then this animal is the main culprit.

Sugar lizards have nocturnal properties, that is, animals that are active at night, where they prefer to roam at night, but infrequently you can also find them during the day. In the wild, this lizard lives in tree crevices and rocky hills.

4. Flying lizard

There is something interesting about these types of animals, the flying lizard is not actually a family of lizards, but a family of lizards. This reptile can be easily found in plantations and in the forest, and can move from one tree to another by flying using its wings between the front and hind legs.

Gecko Characteristics

After talking about lizards, let’s discuss the characteristics of geckos. As mentioned above, the difference between a gecko and a lizard can be seen in their physical appearance.

The gecko has a rough skin texture with red spots all over its body. In addition, this gecko also has a large body size that reaches 34 cm to the tail.

Compared to lizards, it turns out that this gecko commands a very high selling price on the market, where many people keep it and then buy it back. How to breed geckos below can be a guide for those of you who may be interested in doing so.

This gecko is loved by many because it is believed that the animal can treat various chronic diseases such as cancer, gout and HIV.

On the feet of these geckos they have a kind of suction cup that allows them to climb on slippery surfaces. And when there are soft pads on cats, where due to its usefulness you can see it in the following function of soft pads on cats’ paws.

For this gecko food itself, such as mosquitoes, cockroaches, grasshoppers and various other insects. Like lizards, these animals also love to hide from human sight, and they are also the type of animal that is active at night. These are the types of geckos you should know about:

1. Giant Gecko

The first type of gecko is the giant gecko or commonly called the giant gecko. This animal belongs to the type of domestic gecko, where they have physical characteristics of red spots throughout the upper part of the body.

These Giant Geckos have wall-sticker feet that allow them to stick to walls very tightly. The skin of this gecko is very rough and its composition is very similar to that of an orange peel.

2. Stone geckos

Stone Gecko or this stone gecko is very similar to a lizard where this gecko has several more types including striped chested stone gecko, rufous chested gecko and clean white chested gecko. Unlike the giant gecko, where this type of gecko has a body/skin that is slippery like a lizard.

3. Forest Gecko

For this gecko, it is different from the previous two types, where it has no suction and no adhesive on its feet. Even so, forest geckos can still climb trees using their claws, these animals have a grayish-black color.

That’s all for this review on the differences between geckos and lizards, I hope this review is useful and can contribute to your understanding later. Also learn about other discussions about the difference between mice and rats that are also often misunderstood by many people.

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