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local rabbit

Rabbits are one of the most common mammals in the home. This animal brings an interesting and fun side, which many people feel excited about. Eating rabbits is allowed, and legal, but it would be a shame if such a cute animal had to be eaten. There are actually several types, ranging from companion rabbits to meat rabbits.

But most people keep it as a pet. Meanwhile, depending on the species, rabbits have many types as described in the article above. As for some that have been passed down, namely how to breed Bligon rabbits, Bligon rabbit food, the differences between local and Bligon rabbits.

Well, for this time the type of rabbit in question is the type rex and local. The differences between rex and local rabbits will be presented on this page. You yourself may be one of the many rabbit lovers. It is not easy, caring for a rabbit, especially an adult, requires adaptation. But what is certain is providing the best care, from a clean and comfortable place to providing a balanced and regular diet. It has been a long time since the distinction between rex and local rabbits was questioned. For this reason, on this occasion, several points are presented that are the differences between both races.

The local rabbit is a type of Java rabbit or (Lepus nigricollis) whose habitat is in rocky/coral forests around the West Java region. But this rabbit is also found in India. The Java rabbit’s habitat itself is in the rocky highlands. The weight of an adult Java rabbit can reach approximately up to 6 kg. As for the length of the body reaches 40 cm. Another characteristic is that the color of its fur is yellowish brown gray. Age during life, this local rabbit can live from 5 to 10 years.

As for the rex rabbit, it is a type of rabbit originating in France and was released in 1919. Initially, this type of rabbit is a descendant of wild rabbits that have been raised by a farmer and began to be known and maintained by many people. until he is famous in Europe. But one thing that attracts someone to buy a rex rabbit is that thanks to the appearance of its beautiful and adorable fur, it is kept by many. In addition, this rabbit is very affordable and easy to care for. The fur is soft like velvet, which is why many people like Rex rabbits. Even the variations of her whimsical style add to her beautiful physique. This rex rabbit fur can be used to make clothing, scarves, jackets, bags, and much more.

Here is the difference between Rex and local rabbits

rex rabbit


  • It has a weight of 3.6-5 kg ​​for a standard sized breed of rabbit. As for the mini-sized rabbit, it weighs between 1.4-2 kg.
  • It has soft fur and is similar to velvet, which is why it is often called a carpet rabbit with a warm reddish velvety color.
  • He has hair that tends to be short.
  • It has wide and upright ears.
  • The color variations are very interesting, they range from black, white, blue, red and some are a combination of 3 colors.


  • Age 1-3 months Rp. 50,000 – 300,000
  • Age over 3 months Rp. 300,000 – 4,000,000


  • For treatment, it is recommended to place the rex rabbits in a place near a water source, away from houses and smoke and place it in a place away from predators. The cage made must have a temperature of 21°C. You should also design the cage by separating the rabbits according to their age.
  • The state of the cage must be really comfortable and certainly safe. Meanwhile, the facilities that should not be forgotten are the places to drink, the places to eat, the places to dirt and others.

advantages :

  • One of the advantages of this rex rabbit is that it has a thick coat if it is cared for at low temperatures. You can also style hair that is strong and guaranteed not to fall off easily.

local rabbit


  • It has a relatively smaller body stance than other types of rabbits.
  • The typical color that it usually has is blackish gray.
  • It has a fur that is not too soft like that of the rex rabbit.
  • It has a coat condition that is not too long and thick.


  • Healthy adults of 4 months Rp. 70,000
  • Male father Rp. 150,000
  • Female parent Rp. 160,000
  • Types of local ornamental rabbits Rp. 200,000


  • This type of care is not much different from other rabbits, but local rabbits are easier. You simply make a cage more than adequate in size for activity and respiration. The point is that the cage that is made must be really comfortable and clean.


  • Easy to find or get
  • many hold
  • often found
  • Uncomplicated treatment
  • Affordable prices

That is the difference between the rex and the local rabbits that you should know. As stated above, raising rabbits is not easy, but not necessarily difficult. Be diligent in giving honey at least twice a week, as for the benefits you can find in the article on the benefits of honey for rabbits and tips for rabbits to have an appetite. Happy reading and I hope it is useful.

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