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Having birds today is not only as a pet but has given prestige or has been the subject of dispute. One type of bird that is of great interest is songbirds such as lovebirds, kacer birds, canaries, starlings, swamp cuckoo birds, etc. These birds in addition to having tall fans also make the sale price higher. To better understand the selling price of each bird, here are some of the main factors that determine the price of singing birds in the explanation below.

  1. type of bird

The main factor that determines the price of birdsong is the type of bird. This is because there are so many singing birds to be kept lately, so each type has its own price value. Species of birds that are known to be quite rare and hard to find will certainly command a high price value. Birds that are popular and very famous for their ability to sing well are also a factor in a bird having a higher price value compared to other types of songbirds. (Also read: tips for buying lovebirds for beginners)

  1. Physical condition of the bird.

The physical condition of the bird referred to in this case is a condition in which the bird has a normal body shape without any circumstances causing physical disability of the bird. The normal shape of a bird without any physical defects will certainly make the bird a lower price value than birds that have defects in certain body parts even if they are small. (Also read: tips for growing canaries)

  1. twitter capacity

As a singing bird, of course, the main factor that determines the price of a singing bird is the ability to sing. The singing ability of each bird is certainly different from that of other birds, even if they are of the same type. The ability to sing can be determined due to the care and maintenance of the owner of the bird. Birds that have the best gacor and a long song will certainly command a high price value, especially if the song has been appreciated in the form of a bird song contest champion. (Also read: capercaillie farming)

  1. The beauty of the bird’s body.

Another factor that is also one of the determinants of the price of birdsong is the beauty of its body shape. Birds that sing should be considered for their beauty and physical attractiveness. Birds that sing with attractive color patterns, normal and ideal body shapes, and have certain rare conditions will certainly command a higher selling price. (Also read: tips for choosing nuts in the ombyokan cage)

  1. Other factors

In addition to the several main factors that determine the price of singing birds, which have been explained above, there are several other things that also determine whether the birds have a high or low selling price. Some of these factors include the sex of the songbirds where males are more expensive than females, the age of the birds, and of course the history of songbird competitions or contests that have been followed, whether they have won or not. (Also read: The benefits of keeping starlings safe)

Those are some explanations about the main factors that determine the price of songbirds that all bird owners or those who are or want to buy certain songbirds should pay attention to. In the above explanation, it is known that it is not only the ability to sing that determines whether the bird has a high or low price value.

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