As a general rule, the diet of turtles involves very simple care. No great sacrifice is needed, simply be aware of the different foods regarding the species of turtle you have at home or want to have.

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For this, today in our Terraviva Blog we are going to differentiate them and explain what to feed them with.

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How to feed tortoises?

Gopher tortoises are omnivores so they can eat vegetables, fruits and meat. They can eat a wide variety of foods, but always what they can find is their natural habitat.

Fresh vegetables should make up the majority of your diet, 75% of your diet. The remaining 25% of your diet should be made up of fruit (12.5%) and protein (12.5%).

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Among the favorite vegetables of land turtles we can find carrots (grated), tomato and cabbage, although they do not make any vegetable you put ugly. Some of the fruits that they can eat, are for example: strawberries, bananas, grapes, and peaches.

Regarding proteins, they require few for their diet to be healthy.

Ideally, her diet should be varied, since feeding her the same day after day can cause her to get tired and generate rejection of certain foods.

How to feed sea turtlesto?

Water turtles are more carnivorous than herbivorous, so most of them can be considered as an omnivorous animal.

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These can be fed with low-fat meat, which is cooked (preferably in strips) and chicken. With regard to fish seafood you can give it any kind.

One very important thing is that with this last food, you have always previously frozen it for at least 48 hours. Also dried shrimp or prawns are for these turtles as a kind of “trinket” since they fascinate them. Of course, we should not make this important food the only one in your diet

Ideally, they should eat, in addition to dried prawns, a little of each of the food categories that we have named, and alternate them during some days of the week.

We leave you a blog on how to know if your water turtle is fine.

They eat turtles? Do land and water feed the same?

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