What do you give him for Christmas?

Anyone who has a pet knows how close a relationship can be with our little friends and, when special dates such as Christmas arrive, we want to have a small detail with them. They give us company, security and above all love, How can we not surprise them with a little detail?

And the reality is that there are so many options that sometimes we do not know what to choose. But do not worry, today in our blog Terraviva we give you some ideas to make it easy for you and help you decide the gift that your pet deserves the most.

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1. Toys

Toys, in addition to serving to amuse and entertain our pet, are very useful to stimulate their minds and exercise their abilities. A perfect Christmas gift for your little friend can be one of these toys that will help her to be active while she spends an entertaining Christmas.

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2. Textile

Something really useful can be a coat or accessory that prevents our pets from being cold at this time of year. We already know that the materials must be of good quality for their well-being and that the size must be adequate, but do not forget that the most important thing is that our pet is comfortable.

At Terraviva we have a wide variety of top quality clothing and accessories for your little friend. Giving away a piece of clothing to protect them from the cold and rain in winter is one of the best options.

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3. Food

When we think of Christmas, we often associate it with great food and sweets, and it’s true. That is why we must understand that our pets are attracted to food that is cooked at home. It is not always healthy to share leftovers with them, as they may not be harmful.

However, there are sweets and special treats for our little friends that you can easily obtain. In this way, they can join us on these dates without affecting their health or well-being.Image result for animals family christmas

4. Rest

Resting properly is something important both for us and for our pets. Just as we want a good bed, our pets need an appropriate bed to develop healthy and happy. That is why a good padded bed can be a fantastic option to give to our little friends. At Terraviva we offer you a wide variety of models so that you can choose the one that best suits your pet.

5. Homeless animals

Animals that have a loving and caring family are very lucky. But we must not forget that this is not always the case. Unfortunately, there are many animals that do not live in that situation.

These family dates can be a great time to remember them and give a home and a family to a pet in need.

At Terraviva we support adoption and we encourage you to join our cause. On our Facebook page we publish puppies and kittens that come to us looking for family, so don’t lose track of us.

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We leave you a blog that comes in handy and is to give you some Christmas advice.

This Christmas, what do I give my pet?

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