Tips for leaving your puppy home alone

When we have a new puppy at home, it is normal for many doubts to arise. And it is important to learn how to handle this situation. Today in the terraviva blog we give you some tips on how to learn to leave him alone at home without the pet having a bad time. Before starting, it is important to know that your pet has to learn to be independent so that they do not suffer when you have to leave the house.

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It is important to know that the first days it is better not to leave him alone, since he has to get used to everything else, this way we will give him more confidence. After a few days we will begin to leave him alone but for a short time. If not it can cause you a lot of stress.


Learning should be progressive and with positive reinforcement. As we have said before, we start by leaving him alone for about 5 minutes (we can help ourselves with a snack or toy) several times a day, and on the way back we reward him with a caress without going too far and exciting him too much.

After a few days, we will gradually increase the time. If we see that he starts with some misbehavior, we must reduce the dismissal time.


Prepare a place where it is safe, avoiding cables or objects that it can bite and hurt itself. If necessary, we close doors where we want to prevent it from passing and windows. It is important to always leave clean water and food, so that it does not cause stress. Never use a muzzle or anti-bark collars, that will only make the situation worse. Another tip that we recommend is that when we go to leave him alone, we previously give him a walk or play with him so that he is relaxed later.

We can always install a surveillance camera if we’re worried what he might be doing.

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Tips for Leaving Your Puppy Home Alone

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