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The types of pets that are growing and beginning to be in high demand are increasing in number with new variants every year. One type of pet that is currently being developed is the weasel breed. In the maintenance of these types of ferrets, it is necessary to make the appropriate efforts so that they can maintain their condition without experiencing any problems. Here are some good and proper ferret keeping tips that every ferret pet owner should understand, both beginners and longtime ferret owners, in the explanation below.

  1. Know the age of the weasel

The first thing that those who are going to raise a ferret must do and understand is the age of the ferret when it was adopted. This condition is necessary as a first step to determine the correct way to carry out the management and adaptation process to the new environment. The easiest weasel to keep is the one that is still 2 months old because it still has a tame nature. (Also read: how to care for a ferret in the rainy season)

  1. Handling Ferrets the Right Way

If the weasel to be kept is already quite old, then when in a new environment, it will surely have a different reaction. To help the fox adapt quickly and obey commands, what the owner must do is carry out the correct handling method according to the behavior that the weasel breed displays. (Also read: how to keep a pandan weasel)

  1. Managing a shy ferret

As in the previous review, tips for breeding the right weasel breed should pay attention to correct handling according to their behavior. If the weasel that has just adapted to a new environment shows fearful behavior or becomes cowardly, then the right step is to restrain and restrain it properly. While holding the weasel, never hold the tail. If the ferret is still scared and panics when being picked up, then put a shirt on him because a dark place calms him down.

  1. Reactive management of weasels

In addition to being cowardly, there are also ferrets that are reactive and want to attack the people around them when they find themselves in a new environment. Behavioral management of the ferret is to allow it to remain in the cage. Try to keep the ferrets reactive by placing your hands in front of the cage and occasionally feeding directly from your hands until the ferrets are no longer reactive. (Also read: how to remove fleas from a ferret)

  1. Feeding

Other advice that must also be clear and precise regarding the process of raising ferrets is related to the food provided to them. The feed for the weasel breed is adjusted to its age, that is, 0 – 1 month full of vanilla milk powder, 1.5 – 2 months soft feed, 2.5 – 3 months textured feed, 4 months and above all all kinds feeding. The food given to the breed must be varied, ranging from fruits and also animal protein. (Also read: how to give fish oil to ferrets)

  1. Increase free time in the room

Rase is a very active animal that moves both in the morning and at night. To get the condition comfortable in his new place, let him out of the crate if you really want to and also give him more time out of the crate than in the crate so he can play and have activities and don’t forget to invite the weasel to play (Also read: how to tame the pandan weasel)

Those are some ways or tips to keep the ferret breed that must be understood by every ferret owner or those who intend to keep the ferret breed properly and correctly.

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