Our pet and the cold

We all know that September is a month of preparation, the cold begins, back to the routine and the beginning of many planned plans. But it is also a stage, which between one thing and another must take special care. We cannot leave aside an essential piece of our family: our puppy. For this reason, today we are going to give importance to important tasks, so that canine care corresponds to a whole well-being for him.

And why wellness? Well, because in this stage prior to the arrival of winter, it will help you face the cold.

Although their fur gives us an impression of isolation, they also notice the temperature drops.


You have to start with the main thing: your health. In summer, it is time to visit the vet and check if our pet is healthy.

The holidays and what they entail may have affected our furry and, with the intention of improving his health in the face of the cold months, it is important to check how his eyesight, ears and even pads (on his paws) are to check that everything is great. It’s better to prevent than to cure.

Outside of the aesthetic, the bathroom is also part of the health of a puppy.

cold dog

Outside of the aesthetic, the bathroom is also part of the health of a puppy.

A fundamental part of canine comfort is also good hygiene. One reason why it is highly recommended this month is that we try to bathe and brush our pet optimally.

In this way, his coat and skin will be clean and ready for the typical shedding of this date.

And let’s not go wrong with the following: both short-haired and long-haired puppies need regular brushing to help keep their skin clean.

Not only in the month of September, but throughout the year.


Both inside and outside the home, it is also highly recommended check the state of your crib or bed.

Apart from being a very elementary accessory, the fact that our dog has its own comfortable area is positive both for a matter of discipline and for hygiene in the rest of the house.

The beds and cots allow our pet to have its own area in the house

Tips to Prepare Your Pet for the Cold

The beds and cribs allow our pet to have its own area in the house

And, in the same way that dog beds and cots should not be considered a secondary accessory and must be adapted to each puppy, neither are garments canines.

Because the main function is to isolate our dog from the cold or for safety reasons (reflective clothing).

And for you, what is the essential accessory for the comfort of your puppy? If you want to discover the variety of accessories we have, take a look at our accessories.

We show you a blog where we talk about the coat for pets.

Tips to Prepare Your Pet for the Cold

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