What do you need to travel with your pet?

The most important thing to travel is that you are correctly identified by microchip and passport. The passport is also valid as a health card.

It is also advisable to request a health certificate for your pet from your veterinarian one or two weeks beforehand.

In the case of dangerous breed dogs, you must carry civil liability insurance plus the administrative license that enables the owner to have this breed of dog.

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What vaccines are necessary to travel with dogs?

  • Rabies vaccine (the vaccine must be stamped a minimum of 3 weeks before the trip).
  • Depending on the country, they may ask you for the vaccine against distemper, hepatitis.
If you travel by car it is very important that you have some of these options:

-Carrier: You must put it behind the passenger seat on the floor.

-Dividing bar: These bars are designed to carry your pet in the trunk and prevent them from going to the seats.

-Restraint: It is mandatory to have the dog restrained in the car, it cannot be loose. For this we will buy the appropriate support for the size and weight of your dog.

If your pet tends to get dizzy in the car, talk to your vet so they can advise you what to give him or what to do in case that situation occurs.

It is very important if we travel in the car that it is ventilated and never leave your pet locked up, that they drink water to hydrate and rest so that they can run around before returning to the car.

If you travel by boat you should know that:

Have your pet’s documentation in order.

Dogs tend to get seasick by car, so on boats too, talk to your vet for advice on what to do or what to give your pet in case he gets seasick.

Depending on the company you will have to notify and reserve a place because they normally have limited places for pets.

Normally if they weigh less than 6kg they travel in a carrier close to the owner, if they weigh more the pets have a space on the boat with individual cabins.

If you travel by plane

The first thing is to make sure that the company allows pets. It is very important to reserve a place for your pet because they have a limit of places.

Have all your pet’s documentation in order. Before traveling to the destination, find out what requirements they ask for, because depending on the country they are one or the other.

If your pet weighs more than 8 kg, it will travel in an adapted area that most companies have. If you weigh 8 kg or less, including the carrier, you can go in the cabin (depending on the airline).

It is preferable to take direct flights, avoiding stopovers so that your pet does not get too stressed and get used to the carrier over time.

if you travel by train

You will have to buy a ticket for your pet.

If the train is commuter, they usually allow pets without weight limits, as long as they do not cause discomfort, wear a muzzle and are restrained. If they are small they can travel in a carrier.

On the other hand, if the train is a long-distance train, pets are only allowed that do not weigh more than 10kg and always in a carrier, which must be placed at your feet.

In terraviva you can find the necessary accessories to travel with your pet.

Guide and assistance pets will normally travel free accompanied by their duly identified companion.

The cost will vary depending on the ticket you choose, normally the higher the price, the lower the amount to pay for your pet.

If you travel by car and you have noticed that your dog sticks his head out the window, we leave you a link that explains why: Why does my dog ‚Äč‚Äčlove sticking his head out the window?

Traveling with your pet in a few simple steps

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