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Animals so small you can’t even see them are known as ants. When there are many, their presence is quite unsettling to humans. Although ants are classified as harmless animals, one thing you should know is that there are types of ants that can threaten you. It’s just that, from what is usually found, this type of ant is classified as non-deadly and only comes because it smells sweet. Yes, ants are sweet-loving animals and are classified as insects belonging to the Formicidae tribe, the Hymenoptera nation.

Depending on the species, ants have more than 12,000 species and most of them live in the tropics. However, most ants are known as social insects, with their regular colonies and nests consisting of thousands of ants per colony. As for the members of the colony itself, they are divided into worker ants, male ants, and queen ants. It is also possible that there are also types of guard ant groups. What kinds of ants exist in this world, especially those that are most often found, you can see on this occasion.

You should know that despite their relatively small body size, ants are among the strongest animals in the world. Even the male ant is capable of bearing a load of fifty times its own weight, and can be compared to an elephant that can only bear a load of twice its own weight. The ants will only be rivaled by rhinoceros beetles which are strong and capable of carrying loads weighing 850 times their own body weight.

Kroto ants are one of the most common for breeding, as they are very profitable. This is how Kroto cattle use a water bottle that can be easily done even in small places. And to facilitate the cattle, do not forget to also look at how to speed up the laying of kroto eggs, and when harvesting it is important to pay attention to how to harvest kroto so as not to be bitten by the following.

types of ants

sugar ant

Many are known as sugar ants, other names are also known as ghost ants. Well, this type of ant is often found in everyday life and it can always bother you. Where he came from? Hmm, this type of question often occurs considering that you always spoil your beautiful things about sweet foods. From anywhere, this type of ant will appear when there is sweet food or drink left over from some time.

pharaoh ants

If you’re upset with sugar ants, it probably won’t be any more upset if you run into pharaoh ants. Yes, its name is indeed the pharaoh’s ant that encounters humans a lot and often bites. However, these ants will not sting, just a small bite. Usually this type of ant is active at night to search for food. The feed source is an oil-based protein.

crazy ant

Turns out it’s not just humans that can go crazy, ants can too. Named the crazy ant, you should know that this species is black in color and has long legs and can even move erratically in all directions. But don’t worry, these ants aren’t as bad as Pharaoh’s biting ants. The name is crazy ants, but this guy doesn’t bite or sting. So be safe when you find it. This type of ant usually nests under flower pots, also known as outdoor, and eats sugar.

carpenter ant

There are also other types of ants commonly called carpenter ants. An icon? Carpenter ants eat honeydew and dead insects. Medium for this size of ant (17 mm), but the color of the body is difficult to identify.

These carpenter ants prefer to nest in trees and wooden structures. Entering these types of ants bite into wood during the process of making their nests in trees, but they don’t eat wood like termites and they don’t bite humans.

reproductive ant

The next type of ant is the reproductive ant, so not only can humans raise livestock or raise other animals for food, but ants as well. It’s just that the difference is that the animals raised by humans are usually mammals or birds, then the animals raised by ants are other insects.

The types of insects that ants breed are insects that can produce a sweet liquid like honey, the favorite liquid of ants. This ant-breeding behavior is called a form of symbiotic mutualism because the ants protect these animals from their enemies in exchange for the sweet liquid they produce.

farmer ant

Known as the leafcutter, its name is the farmer ant or (leafcutter ant) ​​of the genus Atta & Acromyrex that lives in the southern region of the United States and Latin America. As the name implies, both ant genera are famous for their leaf-cutting habits. These ants carry out leaf-cutting activities for their agricultural purposes, which is why they are better known as peasant ants.

baker ant

It turns out that ants can also make bread, so how? This is just a call or just a name for the little animal. In fact, this species is a harvester ant of the genus Messor that is famous for its habit of gathering grain as its main food. The harvester ants themselves often make bread to make it easier for all members of the nest to consume the seeds for their meal without having to bother peeling off the skin.

Those are the types of ants that you can recognize, and you can also find out how to breed weaver ants easily to feed other animals, or maybe you have limited space, you can apply the weaver ant method in the following pitcher means. Happy reading and I hope it is useful.

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