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Having a pet like a cat, of course, you need to pay attention to the process of good care so that the cat’s condition is healthy and avoids various health problems. In the process of caring for and keeping the cat, of course, each owner should pay attention to one thing, namely the cleanliness of the cat. Maintained grooming can make cats have a good level of health because most diseases in cats start with grooming that is not properly maintained.

The cleaning process that every cat owner should pay attention to ranges from regular bathing, cleaning their fur, to preparing all the cat’s necessities for defecation, both large and small. Cats naturally have to urinate and defecate in litter, so cat owners should provide litter that is used specifically for cats. Here are some references on the type of litter for a good cat with various advantages in the explanation below. (Also read: how to make a cat poop in the sand)

  1. Zeolite type sand

Zeolite litter is a special cat litter widely used by cat owners. Many cat owners prefer this type of zeolite litter because it has the cheapest price at the pet store. This sand has various sizes with the advantage that it can be recycled or washed. The price of this sand on the market ranges from 40-60 thousand per 25 kg. The disadvantage of this type of zeolitic sand is its low absorption capacity. (Also read: tips so that the cat’s cage does not smell)

  1. bentonite type sand

Bentonite litter is one of the easiest types of cat litter to find, both local and imported. This type of litter has the advantage of being able to clump when it absorbs liquid and can suppress the odor that cat litter produces. The drawback of this type of sand is that the price is quite expensive, ranging between 150-200 thousand per 25 kg.

  1. crystal sand

This type of litter is perfect for cat owners who have very little time to care for their pets. Crystal Sand is an artificial litter that has a very strong absorption capacity of up to 40 times its weight and is capable of covering the odor produced by cat litter. The price of this type of sand on the market ranges from 80-90 thousand per 5 liters. (Also read: tips so that cats do not urinate carelessly)

  1. Biodegradable type sand

This sand is actually artificial sand made from natural materials like corn, wheat, etc. This type of litter has the advantage of being friendly to the environment because it can be degraded in nature so it does not generate pollution, in addition to the fact that this biodegradable litter is also dust-free so it is safe for cats. The price of this type of sand in the market ranges between 50-60 thousand per package.

  1. Sand Paper Type

Another type of litter that can be used specifically for cats is paper litter. The advantage of this type of litter is its high absorption capacity and can be directed directly to the toilet. Also, another advantage is that this sand is very light because the material is paper. (Also read: how to make a cat feel at home)

  1. wood sand

If biodegradable litter comes from food waste in the form of corn or wheat, there is another type of litter that comes from nature, wood-based kitty litter. This litter has the advantage of its ability to absorb unpleasant odours. (Also read: how to care for a cat without a cage)

Those are some types of litter that can be used for cats. Each type of sand has its own advantages and disadvantages, so the selection must be adjusted to the existing needs.

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