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Cats are one of the pets that many people have because of their cute shape and they can interact with humans. Until now, several types of cats have been kept with their respective shapes and levels of cuteness. A part of the body that must receive regular care and maintenance because it has an important role and is a beautiful value that a cat has is the fur.

Cats that are not well cared for can lead to the appearance of several risks of cat hair problems that start with falling out, getting dirty, etc. One way to keep the state of the cat’s fur always in good condition and that it does not experience various types of problems is to provide vitamins that are useful for feline hair. Here are some vitamins for cat skin to keep it looking healthy and free from various bad problems in the explanation below. (Also read: how to treat wounds in cats)

  1. Nutricat

Nutricat is a brand of vitamin for cats formulated by Otsuda Japan and is commonly used as a medicine to grow cat hair. Nutricat not only acts as a vitamin so that the cat’s hair does not fall out, but it can also help prevent the cat’s hair from falling out and make the coat look soft and shiny. Nutricat can be bought from a pet store at a price of around 65 thousand rupees.

  1. Ketwol drops

In addition to Nutricat, Ketwol Drops is also a multivitamin quite familiar to cat lovers. This cat coat vitamin has a safe formula so it can be used on adult cats and kittens. Ketwol drops are very useful for treating cat hair loss and preventing damage to the fur. The price of the drug, which is used twice a day, is around 60 thousand rupees. (Also read: how to treat swelling in cat paws)

  1. Fish oil

In addition to multi-ingredient vitamin brands, one form of multivitamin that is fairly inexpensive and can be used as a cat hair vitamin is fish oil. In addition to being cheap, fish oil is also very safe for cats due to its natural ingredients. Fish oil is also helpful in keeping cats healthy so they don’t get sick easily. (Also read: how to quickly heal a cat’s wound)

  1. Hair

Another brand of cat hair growth vitamins is Hairz, which is also widely sold in pet stores. Hairz comes as drops in 30ml containers that are safe to use and easy to apply to cats. Vitamin Hairz for cats is sold at a price of 45 thousand. (Also read: how to treat burns in cats)

  1. derma gel

If some of the multivitamins mentioned above still cannot solve the cat hair loss problem, then you can use a more premium multivitamin, namely Dermagel. Dermagel can be used to treat hair loss and acts as an antibacterial as one of the causes of hair loss in cats. The price of this vitamin in the market is more expensive than others, around 90 thousand rupees.

  1. Well, vitamins for cats.

Another vitamin that can also be used to treat hair loss in cats is also. Well is a multivitamin for hair growth and prevention of hair loss in the form of a liquid spray preparation for use. Vitamins are sold on the market at a price of 80 thousand. Also read: how to heal wounds in kittens)

Those are some types of vitamins for cat hair not to fall out easily that can be used in an effort to prevent hair loss and make cat hair look even more beautiful.

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