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Cats use a body language very important by which they communicate with other felines and with people. The movements of the tail of the cats, their looks, their gestures and their meows show how they feel or what they want to ask you. Cats continuously send signals that tell if they are upset, happy, sick, hungry, cuddly… through the different parts of their body such as their eyes, ears, whiskers… and tail. Today in Blog Terraviva we comment on what things your cat’s tail can tell you.

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What meanings do the movements of my cat’s tail have?

Cats can wag their tails in various ways to show different things. Generally, meek and soft movements show tranquilityhappiness and desire to play.

Instead the quick and rough movements indicate mistrust, fear and dissatisfaction. It is so also. the tail can get different positions depending on the purposes of the cat.

If the cat wants or is waiting for something, its tail will be inactive and straight up. On the contrary, if he is fully rigid or rigid with the toe downmoving up and down,will be happy and playful. If the tail is straight almost to the height of the back, but a little upwards, then the cat shows a friendly attitude and can be petted and petted without any problem.

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If you wag your tail from side to side means the cat he’s pissed off and it is better to leave it alone. The more she agitates her, the more upset and pissed off she will be. If the tail is down, it will show sadness and if it is between its legs, the cat will be upset, fearful or will have taken a submissive position.

If the tail is slightly crooked and pointing to the ground, the cat will be in a defensive attitude and if the tail is down then it will be in an aggressive attitude or it will have taken an attack position. You must be careful if you perceive this position in your cat, because he can jump against you.

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You have probably seen your cat sitting up, looking through the window pane and with the tip of its tail swinging calmly from side to side. This movement shows that he is concentrating or thinking and the normal thing is that it has a tilt in its head.

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If the cat waves its tail back and forth, it is at its wildest and most instinctive side.. They use this movement to hunt, to stalk prey and jump on it. Probably you can see it when he plays with the typical ball of wool, or with a toy that belongs to him. If a cat’s tail suddenly turns around, be very careful. It means that the cat is ready to attack if the individual does not back down. It is a warning to communicate that he wants you to leave him alone, so we must stop caressing him if we see him in this position.

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Cats can also wag their tails while they are sleeping.. This means that they are dreaming and probably in the dream they are trying to chase something like prey. This movement generates a lot of tenderness and is very funny.

In addition to showing moods and asking for things from their owners, the tail can also be used as a toy. Mother cats often use their tails to distract their kittens. In this way it keeps them entertained and controlled, in addition to stimulating their curiosity and sense of hunting. It is very normal to see a puppy playing catch his own tail circling itself, a grimace that makes humans very happy and can entertain the cat for hours.

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What do cat tail movements mean?

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