What does the movement of the tail of the dogs mean?

In today’s terraviva blog we tell you a little about the movements of the tail of dogs, let’s say that it is a method of expression for their emotions and that it makes it easier for us when it comes to knowing what it wants to tell us. It is a fundamental part of the communication between us and them.

image related to tail movement of dogs

These movements can have several interesting meanings for you to be aware of:

movement in circles

This movement is very common, it tells you that he is happy and wants to play, so don’t ignore him and strengthen your bond with him by playing for a little while.

Quick movements from side to side

It indicates that he is happy, cheerful, but it can also indicate that he is nervous or impatient.

Short and quick movements

If, in addition to this movement, the ears are lowered and backwards, stay alert, it is a movement to attack.

Tail raised and pointed up

He is showing his authority, he is being the dominant dog and he wants to show it to the other dogs.

Slow, lateral movements with the tail lowered

He is showing you that he is insecure, there is something that does not make him fully trust.

Tail raised but curved

You are showing confidence and self-control.

Tail low, away from hind legs

He is calm and relaxed.

tail extended horizontally

The dog is attending to something of interest to you. If apart from extended it is tense it is not for an attack but it is marking his territory, it is better that nobody passes towards him.

between the legs

It is a movement that we all know. The dog is afraid, he feels threatened. Or it also means a gesture of submission.

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What do the movements of the tail of dogs tell us?

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