Do you have plan to buy a rabbits? Rabbits are animals that can adapt to life. The average life expectancy of these rabbits is Miguel Angel Rodena, a zoologist who will live in a comfortable environment for seven to nine years. Therefore, it is important to know the pet’s needs in order to provide the best living conditions for him.

When it comes to anger, there are those who are calm and others who are very anxious. The expert suggests that this depends on the breed selected. Keep this in mind when you decide to keep a pet rabbit.

What do you need to get a rabbit before buy
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How much space do you need?

Like dogs and cats, there are rabbits, whose behavior varies according to their species, and their size increases. “There are some, like the Giant of Flanders, who grow up like a medium-sized dog. This is not recommended as a pet because it takes up a lot of space,” she said.

But there are others in Guatemala who are very popular and suitable for medium-sized homes, such as California and New Zealand. If you prefer small pets, there are mini loop and mini rex rabbits; They are small in size and weigh less than 6 pounds[6 kg].

Do you take a lot of time?

For those who are busy or have long hours, the rabbit may be a suitable pet. According to Rodena, this does not require much attention and from an emotional point of view, they are often unaffected because they are lonely.

“If you leave the house, make sure you have enough containers that the animal does not feel overwhelmed but does not have the opportunity to chew on the furniture. Make sure your pet is safe.”

Rabbit habits;

Recognizing the importance of rabbit habits, the veterinarian must remember the rabbit before taking it. “They tend to dig naturally. It is recommended that they have holes to open.

Your pet should have enough space to bury and chew. (Free Press Photo Printing Services).

One of these animals you should pay special attention to because they have claws. You need to see a veterinarian regularly for the procedure, especially if your pet is at home.

Regular health check-ups;

Like all living things, health is a priority. You should consider a regular visit to your veterinarian at least every six months in your budget. According to Rhodena, rabbits are susceptible to intestinal parasites, so tests are necessary.

Take care of your pet and get regular medical checkups. (Free Press Photo Printing Services).

Emotionally, there are steps that the owner must remember. There are rabbits that are very anxious and easily afraid. For them, the ideal place is to find noise-free guests and use them. “This can cause them anxiety and lead to coronary heart disease,” the expert said.

If you notice that your pet is experiencing changes in its behavior and do not hesitate to take physical symptoms such as watery eyes, sneezing, loose stools, loss of appetite or strange noises to a veterinarian.

Household hygiene;

Hygiene measures are important for the health of the pet and its owner. Remember that rabbits are prone to skin bites, so you need to keep their home environment clean and pest-free.

According to Rodena, these animals do not need to be bathed and do not like water. They should be brushed once a week to keep them clean.

“As for urine, it has an unpleasant odor. The best part is that you have a special place for this. Otherwise, it might be a problem. ”


It is now possible to produce a concentrated or nutritious diet that meets all your dietary requirements. “This keeps them healthy and eliminates problems such as constipation and bad breath,” Rodney added. If you want to treat your rabbit, you can offer fresh high-fiber vegetables such as Swiss chard, celery and spinach.

Rabbit Curiosity:

Rabbit teeth grow continuously. You must have a wooden toy to chew on. Otherwise, you may experience problems and stop eating.

When rabbits are happy, they brush their teeth and grind their teeth. It is a symbol of showing love and caring for them. Digestion can also be a symptom. Consult a veterinarian.

Rabbits are less than a month pregnant and can have up to five puppies in a litter. Rabbits can breed from 4 months of age and females can become pregnant shortly after birth.

So, do you know information how to get a rabbit before buy

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