Toxic food for a dog

There are a number of toxic foods for a dog that can seriously affect their health. As their responsible owners we must be aware of these foods and avoid them:

  • The chocolate
  • onion and garlic
  • the milk
  • Citrus and other stone fruits
  • Sugar, candy and chewing gum
  • The bones
  • The alcohol

The chocolate

Perhaps the best known of all toxic foods for a dog is chocolate. This sweet that we humans like so much contains a substance called “theobromine”, which can be extremely toxic for our dogespecially for the small ones.

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onion and garlic

Onion and garlic are very common in any of our dishes, which is why many veterinarians advise against giving leftovers to our puppies. These foods, very similar to each other, are harmful to them, since can cause anemia and respiratory problems.


Only humans have the ability to take lactose after adulthood. The enzyme that allows us to consume milk is not present in puppies, so we must avoid giving them products with lactose.

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Sugar, candy and gum

We should not allow our dog to consume sugar. Giving sugar to a dog is a big mistake that can lead to serious problems such as diabetes or blindness.

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Citrus and other stone fruits

Citrus fruits in general are harmful to dogs, and oranges and lemons are especially so for their psoralen content. In fact, if you look closely, dogs avoid approaching these foods because of their acidity.

On the other hand, among stone fruits, we must be especially careful with peaches and apricots, since the pits of these fruits are highly toxic due to their “cyanide” content.

The bones

Despite the typical and funny image that we all have of dogs and bones, they are extremely dangerous. The risk of suffocation, indigestion and perforation is very high.

We can always reward our dog with special bones for them such as food preparations.

dog with a bone

The alcohol

Of course, the The effects of alcohol on the organs of our little friends can have extreme consequences, so giving alcohol to our dogs is irresponsible.

What foods are toxic to my dog?

In general, the list could be very long, so the best thing we can do as responsible owners is to ask our veterinarian about the most suitable foods for our pet. You have to give only that food that has been specially designed for them.

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What foods are toxic to my dog?

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