What is body language in nymphs?

Nymphs are very social and intelligent birds, often certain behaviors of them have caught our attention. That’s why we created this blog where she explains her body language to get to know our nymph a little better.

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How do you know if the nymph is happy?

There are several behaviors through which we see that she is very happy. One is that he swings his tail back and forth, he holds his head and crest high, he looks at you intently, he jumps at you, he can also whistle or sing.

How do you know if your nymph is angry?

They tend to dilate their pupils, keep their heads down and their combs down. You can also see their feathers swell, they open their tail feathers and flap them excitedly, and finally they screech so you can see their anger.

And one very curious thing that the nymphs have is that when they are upset, they can simulate a bat hanging upside down with wings outstretched.

How do you know if you are afraid?

If a nymph is afraid that it will be difficult for them to sit still, the first thing they will do is run away and scream, but if they feel cornered they will dilate their pupils and you will notice that their breathing speeds up. is going to be.

How do they grab your attention?

Nymphs love to interact with others, so if you don’t pay enough attention to them, they’ll let you know they’re there by:

Sounds, he will throw objects with his beak, he will follow you everywhere, he will move his head back and forth, etc…

How do you know if they are relaxed?

Normally the crest will be lowered, they can stretch out with their wings, groom themselves, they can even ask you for caresses.

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What is body language in nymphs

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