How to know that my cat is bored?

Most of them live in a flat without access to the outside, that is why we must pay attention to our cat so that it is not bored and stressed.

One of the symptoms that indicates that they are bored is that they groom themselves too much to the point of damaging themselves, such as irritated skin or hairless areas.

If he harasses or attacks any other animal that lives at home.

If his behavior becomes aggressive, he destroys the curtains at home, or destroys the figurines that we have on the furniture.

You sleep too much, it is true that cats sleep a lot, but if they are bored they will do it even more!

They eat too much, when they get bored, they get stressed, and they start to eat without stopping.

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Ideas for your cat not to get bored

A curious idea is to put something comfortable in a window, so that they can observe what happens in the street. They like something soft and comfortable.

A scratching post, that is almost essential so that it does not get bored and scratch sofas, curtains, etc… it is important to get a scratching post to suit the cat, because if it does not match his preferences he will not use it.

Of course another idea is to buy toys to keep them active. The best option are toys that bring out their hunting instinct, they will love it. What we recommend is that they rotate toys, that they do not always have the same ones since they will get bored of them.

They love to have a place to be quiet and isolated, like above a small closet or under a bed, they should not be disturbed when they want to be isolated from the world.

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What to do if your cat is bored at home?

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