The parakeet is a social bird, which loves to play with its kindred and humans. It is possible that he may be off, without the joy that characterizes him.

Does your bird not sing or play like before? Today in our Terraviva Blog we tell you how to remedy it.

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Stress, loneliness and changes

When they don’t have attention or toys to distract themselves with, they will seek distraction by pecking at the first thing they have.

Stress can consume birds for various reasons such as:
• Sudden changes in your environment
• Different location of the cage
• Do not have the company of another parakeet

To get their attention, it is recommended to offer non-toxic chewable objects that they can peck without problem, such as:

• Seeds
• shells
• Wood
• Paper
• Strings

But we also propose a couple of proposals that will rescue your parakeet from its sadness:

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1. Varied games and attractive colors

• Going up and down stairs, Swinging and rocking: To relax, Spin a wheel..

Make small balls of paper and roll them to do the same, it is an economical and effective entertainment. Keep in mind that these birds are extremely curious and discoveries fascinate them.

2. Activities outside the cage

Your parakeet will love having fun outside. Prepare a play area for him in a safe area, where he can be distracted at ease and together with you.

3. Turn “your finger” into a safe place

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4. Teach your male parakeet to speak and sing

With patience and tenacity, a parakeet will find in words and song another means of communicating its well-being to us.

Repeat words with the same intonation. Watch her progress and reward her.

5. Play hide and seek!

This children’s game can cheer up the most bored parakeet. Put the parakeet in a safe area of ​​the house with enough space for you to hide.
Encourage him, call him by his name and go saying “Find me” or “Where am I?”. The moment the bird manages to see you, he offers it a treat and a caress.

“To be happy and stay healthy, parakeets need to live in a good environment. The company and affection of other fellow parakeets and the humans with whom they live is essential.

If he’s still down, take him to the vet to have him checked for other causes.

We hope you liked our post today!

What to do so that your parakeet does not get bored?

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