Reptiles are strong, calm and do not require complex care. It is enough to find out in advance what their ideal climate is (temperature and humidity) and the type of food they have to follow. Once we have these two issues clear, it is very simple to be able to enjoy an original and perfect pet for you.

If you want to take care of a reptile but you still haven’t decided which one, there is a great variety of reptiles among which you can find your favorite pet and today in the Terraviva blog we help you to know them:

Types of domestic reptiles:

It is one of the best known reptiles to have as a pet. It can measure up to 2 meters in length, so you will need enough space where you can live comfortably. It feeds on insects and vegetables.

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This small and exotic lizard is ideal for those who want to start as beginners in the care of reptiles, since it is small in size and is very comfortable and easy to care for.

Which Reptiles Are Recommended For Beginners

This graceful and pleasant reptile is well known for its famous changes in skin color, which it uses to camouflage itself. It’s an animal that requires specific careas well as a habitat to live in that is well conditioned.

Which Reptiles Are Recommended For Beginners

It is a curious and very special pet. It is very easy to care for and live for long years. Keep in mind that several species are protected.

Which Reptiles Are Recommended For Beginners

It is one of the most common pets among the best domestic reptiles and there are many sizes, shades and different species. There is a wide variety of snakes with totally different characteristics.

Which Reptiles Are Recommended For Beginners

Do you already know what type of reptile you want to have at home to give it the best care? In Terraviva you can find different terrariums that adapt perfectly to the needs of your new pet.

Which Reptiles Are Recommended For Beginners

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