Why do dogs scratch the ground?

Surely you have lived the moment in which you see that dogs scratch the floor, and you will have considered the reason for scratching the floor without stopping or before going to bed.

Today in the terraviva blog we explain the reasons.

image related to dogs scratching the groundReasons

Why do they scratch the beds?

They can scratch the bed to prepare the area to rest as best as possible. They may also scratch to burn energy, because they have not had enough exercise or simply by instinct, that’s why they mark their territory.

Why do they scratch the ground?

It may be because they want to file their nails. They may also scratch it simply to leave their scent or to try to soften the area where they are going to lie down.

Why do they scratch the ground after doing their business?

This is due to territory marking. On the other hand, there are some animals that make this gesture out of fear of other dogs and thus hide ‘the evidence’.

Why do they dig up dirt?

You can dig up dirt because you may have received a trace that you may believe there is some buried object and want to dig it up.

We must not take away these behaviors, except if it is to burn energy in that case, we must pay more attention to it and make it exercise enough.

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Why Do Dogs Scratch The Floor Or The Bed?

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