Why is my dog ​​biting his paws?

You may have seen your pet lick or bite its paws for several reasons. In today’s blog, we’ll tell you a little more about this topic.

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Some of the reasons could be:


We must be very careful not to get the legs too wet after showering, because if they stay wet, microorganisms can grow and cause pain. It will be necessary to dry it well between the nails and fingers.


Another reason could be that he is in pain because a nail or stone has been stuck in him during the walk. We will have to observe if we see something because it can also be caused by arthritis or hip dysplasia. If we see that it doesn’t stop, at least going to your vet is the best option.


It’s another reason why your pet may lick or bite its paw non-stop, the allergy may be caused by food, environmental factors, etc.


Parasites can be another likely cause and more difficult to see in the case of mites and fleas.

Dry skin

Your pet may be suffering from a skin problem such as dermatitis and depending on the weather it can make the skin drier.

And finally


It’s probably the most common reason in these cases, and it’s that when dogs have little physical activity, they often lick their own paws.

Although this action is usually very common in our pets. It is best to take it to our trusted vet so that I can assess it and provide you with the best possible solution.

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Why does my dog ​​bite or lick its paws?

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